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Why Adding A Mother-In-Law Apartment Could Be a Good Investment Bet

When it becomes necessary for your parents or in-laws to move into your home, you might want to create a space so that they don’t feel like they’re living in the same house as you and your family. It will give them the space that they desire and your family a bit of normalcy while still being able to care for your parents or your in-laws. Before parents move onto the premises, you want to plan ahead by adding a mother-in-law apartment or even an extra room or two to the home.

More Space

Whether your mother-in-law stays with you for a few months or the rest of her life, you’ll end up with more space in the home. If the apartment ends up empty at some point, it would be a good space for children to stay when they come to visit or for guests to stay so that they have their privacy while visiting. It’s a beneficial addition if your home begins to feel too crowded so that everyone has a place to relax and get away from each other.

Added Convenience

Sometimes, you might need an additional bathroom or a bedroom for your family. Even if your mother-in-law doesn’t live there, you can enjoy the convenience of extra rooms so that you aren’t sharing space in the mornings while getting ready. If you plan on expanding your family, the room can be used for a nursery or a place for parents to stay if they want to visit or help with the new addition. It’s an option so that family members or friends don’t have to stay in a hotel when they want to spend a few days with you.

Brings Family Together

A benefit that you’ll likely enjoy is that a mother-in-law apartment will bring the family together. Children can spend time with their grandparents. You can enjoy holidays and special events together. It allows you to enjoy those special moments that you might not have many more of with your family.

The following video gives some tips on converting a garage into living space. It is from a UK perspective but many of the tips apply anywhere.


If you have a parent or an in-law who needs to be taken care of because of declining health, this option allows for safety and monitoring while giving the person a little space. You can remodel the bathroom, add handicap accessories or make structural changes to the other areas of the apartment to allow for easy access while walking or sitting to prevent falls and other issues that might occur.

The professionals at Velarde Builders Inc., recommend:

  • Working with a professional design team to get it right with little stress on your part.
  • Knowing the limitations of your space.
  • Starting with a budget.
  • Designing your dream.
  • Combining the above items into a plan.
  • Working out the timing for your project. You may need to order custom-built items ahead of time so workers aren’t held up. Electrical, plumbing and construction have to be done in the right order.
  • Getting the right cabinets, fixtures and design elements that you want for your remodeled room.

There’s usually a time when you want family close to you. A mother-in-law apartment offers a way for this to happen. Design the apartment so that it can be used on a permanent basis or for visitors who are staying for a short time, which would mean that you could enjoy benefits of the extra space when no one is there.

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