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Creating Business Opportunities

If you’re concerned about your current income, you should try to develop some sort of business that isn’t dependent on the number of hours you invest. The key to breaking free is to develop some sort of “passive income” stream. This could be rental income, investing income, writing, photography, or an online business.

Every year society and technology change and advance, and this opens new money making opportunities that you can take advantage of which can drastically boost your earnings. The key is to take action quickly before everyone else jumps aboard.

Interested? Here are three big online money making trends for 2017.

Going mobile

If you want to increase your earnings by working online you must go mobile. From February this year, mobiles have accounted for 49.74% percent of web users, which is nearly half – and the number is set to keep increasing. It doesn’t matter if you run an eCommerce website or if you just have a website for your business – either way it should be optimized for mobile devices. If you’re not sure if your website is optimized, you can use the Google mobile-friendliness analyzer to find out how mobile friendly it is. This will also make you aware of the parts of your website that need to be altered so that they are more mobile friendly.


It is also important to be aware of people trends online – and the biggest group of people online right now are millennials. Millennials have faced issues with unemployment in the past, but there is currently an uptrend in employment for them – and this means that increased online spending, which could benefit you financially. In fact, millennials will account for around 30% of all sales in the US, which is around $1.4 trillion! For this reason you will need to understand the mind-set of millennials so that your business can benefit financially.

Effective automation

You probably already know about the use of effective automation from big online businesses such as Amazon and eBay; from drone deliveries to parachuting products down to customers, automation is one of the biggest money making trends in 2017. This is why your business (online or offline) should embrace automation in as many areas as possible.

Online financial trends are always changing, and if you don’t keep up to speed your business will quickly become out-dated and less appealing. So, it’s important to stay up to date with current  trends if you want your business to succeed and flourish.

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