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Money Moves for a Happy Marriage

Financial arguments are common in relationships – spouses are often on different wavelengths regarding spending and budgeting. As a matter of fact, financial arguments are one of the most common forms of disagreement. One spouse may be extremely frugal, while the other spouse considers shopping a hobby. Of course this difference in views can create […]

Planning to Start Your Social Security Insurance Benefits at Age 62?

Once you have finished college and are well-established in your career, you begin to plan your retirement more seriously. One thing you need to consider is the age you plan to collect your social security insurance benefits. My parents both began at 62. One of them died at age 71 while the other is still […]

Money Personality Quiz

Do you sock away pennies like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter? Or do you subscribe to the “you can’t take it with you” philosophy of money management and spend it as fast as you get it? Or do you prefer the “ostrich” approach … figuring what you don’t know about your finances can’t […]

Family Finances Video

If you have a minute, watch this video for some great money saving tips to help out your family budget during this difficult economic time.  Please be patient while the video loads… it may take a couple of seconds, depending on your connection speed.   We also have excellent market commentary from INO.com president and MarketClub […]

Strategy vs. Tactics in Investing

Although specifically written for junior mining investors, the following article by Louis James of Casey Research is applicable to all investors. — Lisa McMahon, editor Strategies for Junior Mining Investors: The Whites of Their Eyes by Louis James, Senior Editor, Casey’s International Speculator “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.” Most Americans were […]

The Year of the Roth

By Terry Coxon, Casey Research Until 2010 arrived, you couldn’t have a Roth IRA if your income exceeded certain limits. That restriction is gone. Now anyone with a traditional IRA can convert it to a Roth. But should you? Background Roth or traditional, the central advantage of an IRA is tax deferral. Earnings accumulate and […]

It is Possible to Start a Profitable Company During a Recession

We may be in a pretty bad recession right now and have many questions as to the future. Questions that arise include: Can A Business be successful in this Recession? Is this a Good time to Start a Business? Should you be looking for business capital in this Recession? The simple answer is YES! (And […]

Budgeting Your Family Finances- The Jars Method

The key to financial freedom is to have more income than expenses. But even better than “earned income” is “Passive income”. Using the “jars” system will help you get organized and begin saving and investing in order to develop that passive income.