About Melisa Cammack

Melisa Cammack is a freelance writer, mother, and dedicated wife of 13 years. She spent many years as a financial consultant, specializing in credit card debt consolidation, and enjoyed helping many get their lives back in order whether it was their business credit cards, airline credit cards, or student credit cards.

5 Things to Consider Before Filing for Bankruptcy

Before making the decision to file for bankruptcy, take a credit counseling class to see the other options. Often, there are ways to deal with financial issues without having to involve the federal court. Counseling sessions can be had within a day, providing a lot of information most people don’t think of when frustrated about […]

Wise Money: Six Investments To Consider

When the stock market is on shaky footing it’s usually a good time to look into non-traditional investments. While most people think of investments as stocks and bonds, an investment is really anything you put money into in hopes of making more money later. There are many types of investments that you can put your […]

3 Essentials When Starting Up Your Own Business

Business Cards The use of business cards is a tried and true method of promoting your Small Business , they should include your phone number, website address, and other information about your business, so this is a good way to get your business recognized. There are online options, that can be used to make a custom business card […]

4 Tips on How to Prepare for Tax Season

Instead of waiting for the last minute,make the first move this tax season, get yourself from behind the financial eight ball by preparing yourself for April 15 with the following steps: One – Organize Your Expenses into Personal and Business Expenses One of the best ways to keep the Internal Revenue Service off of your […]