Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Virtual Data Room

Virtual Data Room- As everything goes digital, it becomes more and more important to establish new methods for quickly disseminating information. It isn’t enough to simply store files on a hard drive; they need to be accessible and well-organized. A well-managed file system can help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, and giving the […]

Whole Life Insurance Policies and Bankruptcy

Many people prefer term life insurance policies to whole life, because you get maximum insurance for the amount spent.  However, one benefit that whole life offers that is often overlooked is an exception from bankruptcy.  If you are forced to declare bankruptcy, you can usually retain at least a portion of your life insurance proceeds and value, though it […]

The Life Insurance Safety Net

Is Life Insurance For Everyone? In today’s economy and society, life insurance can be a necessity.  Unfortunately, about 40% of American families don’t have individual life insurance. But for families living on the edge financially, life insurance is especially important because if the family was struggling financially with the primary money earner how much more will it struggle […]

2 Types of Mortgage Insurance

Private Mortgage Insurance or Mortgage Protection Insurance Whether you’ve just purchased your first house or you’ve built up some equity in your home, there’s no doubt about it: home ownership is expensive. Because of this, it’s tough to want to add the additional expense of mortgage insurance to your monthly bills. However, you shouldn’t rule it […]

Home Security Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Safe and Secure

With the price of Gold rising and the ability to sell gold jewelry almost anywhere for quick cash, jewelry is increasingly becoming the target of choice for home invaders. Although many pieces of jewelry may be fairly expensive, these can be replaced. But there are also items that are irreplaceable when their sentimental value is considered. With […]