How to Hurt Your Credit Score

Your credit score is extremely important in the world in which we live. Nowadays it’s hard to buy anything without having a good credit rating. In some cases, it’s impossible to get a job if your credit score isn’t very good. Because it’s central to your life, you may be punishing yourself by unknowingly doing […]

Don’t Have Cash for the Collection? Just Swipe Your Card

Credit Cards in the Offering Plate? As the hymn begins and the ushers come forward, there is the unmistakable sound of hundreds of people reaching for their wallets and purses to find bills to stuff in the collection basket. Now, a new sound may be heard at this time–the sound of people swiping their credit […]

Best Buy Rewards Card – Yay Or Nay?

Reward Zone Master Card vs. The Best Buy Master Card- Last time you were checking out at Best Buy you may have been asked if you would like to sign up for a Best Buy rewards card. You’ll want to think carefully before you sign up for one of these cards. You’ll want to be […]

Do your credit cards work for you or is it the other way round

For most people who have a wallet or purse full of charge cards and credit cards the chances are they’re costing the individual money. Credit cards should work for you rather than you work for the credit cards. Thankfully there are now hundreds of cards which can actually earn you money and other rewards every […]

10 Tips for Managing Credit Card Debt

The use of credit cards may make it faster and simpler to make purchases, but for many it comes with a price. With multiple credit cards, it may become increasingly difficult for you to monitor your spending, and you can easily fall into debt. Credit card debt can be extremely difficult to get out of, […]

5 Don’ts for Your First Student Credit Card

It’s that time of year. College students are back in school or starting for the first time. They are getting things like class schedules, dorm rooms and of course, budgets organized. A big part of student finances is often the first credit card. Your first student credit card can give your credit a good boost, […]

5 Excellent Strategies for Paying Off Debt

Are you in debt? Even if you’re not now, chances are you will be at one time or another at some point in your life. If not properly handled, going into debt can become financially burdensome and extremely stressful. The good news is that there are many strategies that you can employ to help in paying […]

Australian Credit Card Reform to Empower Cardholders

Credit Card Reform- The Credit card reform which was passed on 01 July this year seeks to address the $37-billion in credit card debt that Australian households are struggling to repay. Interest on the debt is said to average out at $4,852 per cardholder, as per the latest figures released by Roy Morgan Research. An impressive […]