A Tax Guide for the Self-Employed

Working from home has a lot of benefits, one of which is substantial tax savings. And although filing your taxes might be complicated in the beginning, nonetheless you need to learn how to do it properly. Whether you work from home as a freelance writer, designer or a business consultant you should be aware of […]

Understanding the Deduction for Charitable Donations

When you make a donation to a charity in the United States, it is often tax deductible. Helping organizations that depend upon generous donations to continue their good work can make you feel good. However, the fact that you can lower your tax bill by donating to charity even makes it worthwhile financially. Charity Donations are Tax Deductible […]

Top 5 Personal Money Management Software Programs

Our everyday money management activities can get a bit overwhelming as it takes time and concentration to manage and keep an up-to-date records on our finances. Personal money management software takes the hassle out of this task and makes it much easier to get it done. Our monetary activities include budgeting, monitoring credit cards, retirement […]

What You Need to Know About Deducting Travel Expenses

Deducting Travel Expenses- Do you use transportation for work or as a Volunteer? The IRS allows you to deduct many different types of transportation expenses, as long as you incur them while conducting business. While you can’t deduct your daily commute to and from work you can deduct many other travel expenses.  These expenses include airfare, car […]

Tax Deductions for New Parents

Tax Deductions Babies bring immense joy to their families, but they introduce new complexities as well. Parents that are fresh on the scene often lack knowledge of what they can and cannot deduct, and the tax code is confusing enough to navigate without accounting for dependents and child-related expenses. The good news is that new […]

Mandatory Health Insurance Pros and Cons

Health Insurance In 2010, federal insurance legislation mandated that both employers and individuals must adhere to new insurance laws called “The Affordable Care Act” commonly referred to as “Obama Care”. Everyone in the nation will be required to have insurance by 2014 with few exceptions. These insurance laws have both advantages and disadvantages. Mandatory Health Insurance […]

College Savings Accounts

College Savings Accounts Planning for the future of your family is something that takes time and energy. It’s certainly not something that just happens spontaneously. If you have children, one of the things you probably want to start planning as soon as possible is financing a college or post high school education. In today’s world, […]

Working Family Tax Credit

In England, as in many other parts of the world, the tax code can be, not only hard to decipher, but time-intensive to navigate as well. It pays to know the ins and outs of the British tax code so you can find hidden benefits and credits. Many of these benefits are for low income families as well. Take, for example the […]