Retirement Reasoning: 3 Investments To Consider Now

Saving for retirement should be a part of your investment strategy as soon as you begin your adult employment. The actions you take today will help you manage the money you make during your working years, to invest for a time when you can relax and enjoy the benefits of your labor. Finding the right investment venues is not difficult. However, it does require some time and investigation to understand the benefits of each type. Here are 3 investment vehicles that have a record of providing income for your retirement years.

Are Annuities for You? Plus 9 Buying Tips

9 Need-to-Know Tips for Buying Annuities… And Knowing When They’re Not For You You’re probably something of an expert in your own field—and that field probably isn’t insurance or annuities. How, then, can you work through the minefield of clauses, guarantees, and pages of small print? Here are nine ways to start. While you may […]

Must Know Information About Annuities

Annuities are amazing financial products. They let you kick back, relax, and stop worrying about your retirement savings. An insurance company takes over management of your funds, and guarantees a monthly income for life. But just because annuities are great products doesn’t mean all annuities are right for you. There are actually several different ways […]

Reasons People Aren’t Buying Annuities (And Why they Should)

Annuities are a way of investing your money so that you are guaranteed to receive a set income for the rest of your life. Many financial experts champion these financial products as a realistic portion of your retirement plan. However, many people who should be buying them aren’t opting to do so. Less than $200 billion of […]

Life Insurance and Annuities: The Secret is the Bottom Line

When we think of Annuities, we think of a stream of payments that begins after retirement and generally continues for “X” number of years this is called an “Annuity Certain” .  In a “Life Annuity” you pay a fixed amount up front and receive a series of payments for the rest of your life no matter how […]

Retirement Finances- 2 Options for Planning for the Future

Retirement is meant to be a time of relaxation and enjoyment but it can also be stressful if you haven’t prepared properly for it financially. If all you are relying on is Social Security you are destined for trouble. Social Security is not meant to be a pension plan but rather a safety net in addition to […]

The Truth About Annuities

6 Annuities FAQs: Yesterday we talked about how useful annuities are for retirement planning. Today we are going to look at some common misconceptions about annuities. Fact or Fiction? — 1)  Many different investments offer a guaranteed income stream. — Fiction! Annuities are the only financial planning option that can guarantee a continuous stream of income throughout […]