How To Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need? For many drivers, car insurance premiums can be one of their biggest monthly expenses. If you’re like most people, saving money on insurance can may make a huge difference to your bank account at the end of the month. Unfortunately, many automobile owners are over-paying on their car […]

5 Factors That Influence Car Insurance Costs

Finding the perfect insurance rate doesn’t have to be intimidating. However, drivers should understand that there are five factors that have a huge impact on the cost of auto insurance. Often, in an attempt to lower their costs, many drivers choose to lower coverage which is fine as long as you never have an accident. […]

Tips for Buying Car Insurance

If you have limited funds, car insurance could seem like an outrageous expense. But if you get caught driving without it, it could cost you even more in fines, court fees, and even impound fees. Several factors influence car insurance rates and, if you are trying to insure an existing car, many of those things […]

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

There are several major components of car insurance including “liability”, “collision” and “comprehensive”, in  a nutshell,   liability covers you if someone sues you while the others cover the repair or replacement of your vehicle. see Car Insurance Terminology for Newbies for more details. Recent studies have shown that often vehicles are over-insured. It is rare to hear this from an insurance company […]

4 Key Questions to Ask When Doing Your Auto Insurance Research

Are you in the process of shopping for auto insurance? If you are newly licensed, moving to a new state, or simply want to find a more affordable insurance policy, you must consider more than just price when doing your quote comparisons. While auto insurance is a requirement, it is also an important form of […]

Common Myths About Car Insurance

 Car Insurance Myths-  The paperwork involved with the insurance policy for your car can be very confusing, and you’d be surprised how many people have no idea what it really says. Familiarizing yourself with the details of your policy is a must when it comes to being prepared for an accident – as well as […]

5 Ways to Save on Car Insurance You Might Not Know About

It seems like a cruel twist of fate that insurance, a necessity for protecting your finances, often costs more than you want to pay. When you spend hundreds of dollars each year on auto insurance, you want to make sure that you’re securing the lowest possible premium from your provider. You might associate affordable car […]

Buying a New Car – Can You Afford it?

Buying a New Car- For many people buying a new car is their biggest financial investment after buying a house. So it’s important to get it right. Over the last few years the economic climate has been uncertain at best and this has left many people with less disposable income and a tighter monthly budget. Owning a […]