How Parents Can Help Their Teens Learn to Manage Money

Parenting a teenager is largely an exercise in transitioning your child into adulthood. This is not an overnight development, but rather an ongoing process. Unfortunately, the public school system today favors theoretical knowledge over practical skills.

2013 Acura NSX Supercar Will Feature Cutting-Edge Performance Hybrid Technology

More than two decades ago, the Acura NSX took the auto industry by storm. With an all-aluminum chassis, forged aluminum suspension and wheels, a high-revving V6 mounted amidships, and a perfectly tuned suspension, the NSX was cutting edge technology when it debuted. Unfortunately, Honda didn’t do enough to update the NSX during the 90’s, and […]

7 Fuel Efficient Cars Under $20,000

Shopping for a new car these days can leave you gasping, wondering what’s happened to make them cost so much. Adding to the dilemma is the price of fuel–it is a major consideration for some people when they go shopping for a new car. Fortunately there are still a few cars that are relatively inexpensive, […]

Do You Need a Separate Insurance Policy if Your Vehicle is Used for Work?

Do You Need Separate Policies for the Vehicles in Your Driveway? If you have a car in your driveway that is for personal use and another vehicle that you use for business, you may very well need two separate insurance policies. In order to make sure that both vehicles are properly and adequately covered, both […]