Does Your Child Like Math And Science?

If your child enjoys math or science you are in luck, math and science can lead to high paying careers in engineering, finance, health, and many other dynamic industries. Excelling in these subjects opens up many career prospects for learners. Mathematical and scientific skills are highly valuable to employers and job opportunities in these disciplines are among […]

Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Money Management

The media is always talking about how the children of today aren’t being prepared properly for the future. And one key area that is lacking in public education is knowing how to manage their money. Here are some fun ways to teach your kids about money. Educational Gaming Video games are often blamed for inducing violent behaviour in […]

Help Build Your Child’s Computer Literacy

Computers have become an integral part of home and schoolwork. Research carried out by TechAddiction found that six percent of the surveyed children less than eight years old already use a computer for homework, while 10% use educational software.  These days it is important that even children are introduced to the world of computers as early […]

Budgeting for a Baby

Despite what modern people might claim, quite a number still hold on to traditional dreams and desires. Probably the best example of such a dream is that of one day having a family of your own. Kids are great no doubt, they bring joy, excitement and a sense of awe and wonder to life but […]

Teaching Your Kids Money Management Skills

Children are hardwired to learn from their own mistakes. A painful fall might teach them not to run on a slippery floor. A bruised finger might teach them to be more careful around closing doors, windows and drawers. A blood-drawing nip from the family dog or cat might teach them that even cute animals don’t […]

Teaching Kids Money Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

Today, a new generation of children is emerging. Gone are the days when families have children primarily to earn their keep on the farm. Now, children are not happy unless they have the latest and greatest technology such as iPads, iPods, laptops, and iPhones. The value of a dollar has dropped drastically and as parents, […]

How Expensive It Is To Bring Up A Child In The US?

With the current economic meltdown and post recession hangover, the cost of almost everything has been increasing by leaps and bounds.And the cost of child care is no exception. The latest updates of Department of Agriculture (USA) claims the cost of raising a child has been amplified ten times since 1960. In fact for a family […]

Teaching Children the Importance of Money

Children seem to be born with an insatiable desire to spend. Whether it’s Christmas, birthday parties, or a trip to the local mall, children are never too shy when it comes to vocalizing their wants. And sometimes, they’re relentless. Parents face this on a daily basis. Dealing with the barrage of purchase requests becomes a […]