The Savings Associated With College Athletic Scholarships

Scholarships can help to take the stress out of paying for college. College athletic scholarships can enable students to attend school while playing one of their favorite sports, drastically reduce the cost of the education and provide the student with other ‘perks’ while attending the college. Free Education The #1 perk of an Athletic Scholarship is […]

Ways Your Kid Can Help Pay for Their College Education

A college education typically costs a lot of money and education costs have risen faster than inflation. As such, most parents need all the financial assistance they can get to help put their kids through college. Besides seeking financial assistance from student loan programs and grants programs, you can also help your children by encouraging […]

Saving For Your Childs College Education without Breaking Your Budget

College Education- Every parent wants to give their child the best possible start in life and for many children that will mean a quality college education. So how can you provide your child with a college education without breaking the budget? With prior planning even a family with a modest income can afford to provide their child with […]