Kids Going to College? Ease the Financial Burden

College Finances Blogs and bookshops alike are often inundated with financial guides to help students get ready for the monetary challenges that the college years may bring. However for parents, knowing the necessary financial provisions can be more difficult especially for those who have not had the college experience themselves. Of course your teenager is […]

Choosing an Online College

Although attending college is a lot of fun, in these tough economic times attending a full-time on campus college may not be the best option. Or economically speaking it may not be an option at all.  But these days with the advent of the Internet everything seems to be available online and that applies to a quality education […]

Save Money this College Season: Textbook Rental Trend Gains Popularity

By Mariana Ashley Back-to-school season is here. And while most incoming college freshmen have factored in the cost of tuition, housing and food, most forget to calculate the added expense of what should be one of the priciest items on their school supplies list—textbooks. Some, especially introductory freshmen course textbooks, can cost as much as […]

Working While in College- Nursing Students

Job Options for Full-Time Nursing Students Attending college is an expensive proposition. Here are a few job options for nursing students to consider in order to earn money and gain some valuable experience that will pay the bills and look good on your resume. Nursing Student Advantage Hospitals are notoriously understaffed and always looking for […]

Count on College – But Don’t Count on Help for Scholarships

Today, parents hoping for scholarships are likely to meet trouble …colleges’ scholarship funds are in a squeeze due to falling markets. Moody’s believes college endowment funds will fall about 30% on average this year.