How to Coupon the Modern High-Tech Way

You’ve probably heard fantastic stories of professional “couponers” who descend on a grocery store line with a stack of coupons an leave the store with a truckload of merchandise for a couple of dollars. Although coupons can often mean tremendous savings, getting this level of discount is time consuming and requires almost obsessive planning and organization. Most people like to get things for free or at a discounted price, but they don’t have the time to take couponing to this level. Fortunately, technology has made it a little easier to use coupons and to reduce our everyday expenses without having to be obsessive to do it.

4 Tips For Finding Deals On Everyday Necessities

Finding deals on everyday necessities is much easier than you think. Many are shocked to find they are overpaying for groceries, health services and other essentials. When you take advantage of local deals, coupons, mobile apps and web-based subscription services, you can save money on the items you purchase daily. Check out these great tips to start saving money today.

Offline and Online Discount Coupons

Merchants believe that selling their products through group deals will result in more product sales. In a recent survey, merchants reported that online sales shot up by over 50% as a result of these deals. eCommerce websites and offline businesses have started looking for other ways for increasing their sales. Users look for the website when they are searching for some product and […]

How to Make a Romantic Dinner on a Budget

A romantic dinner doesn’t always have to take place in an upscale, pricey restaurant–you can make it happen right in your very own home. If you’d like to share a nice candlelit dinner with the one you love but are forced to stick to a tight budget, don’t fret. By assuming the role of chef […]

7 Easy Ways to Eliminate Wasteful Spending

By Kim Moore Tips to Help you keep more of your Money Many of us feel powerless when it comes to our finances. Luckily, we can reclaim our power and take charge of our financial lives. As parents, we have a responsibility to our families to make the most of every dollar. If things feel […]