Dealing with Student Loan Debt and Bankruptcy

Upon graduating from college or Grad School, if you are like a lot of others these days, you are probably in a lot of student loan debt. At first, it may seem fairly manageable. But, you could also wind up declaring bankruptcy a couple of years later. Here is the key so that won’t happen to you. Farewell […]

Online Degree More Affordable Than on Campus

Colleges: Online Degree These days getting a college education is possible in more than just a traditional campus setting. Many times tuition from one of the online College degree programs is less than or equal to that of the same program on campus at your local Community College or University. On average, you can expect to spend around […]

Cutting the Cost of College

Cutting College Costs The Big Day has arrived. Your bouncing bundle of joy has finally taken his first peek at the world. With the anxiety of pregnancy and labor over, you may be tempted to take a big sigh of relief. However, even after the cost of Lamaze classes, remodeling the man-cave into a nursery […]