Don’t Give Up On Those New Year’s Resolutions Yet

After a week or two of the New Year, many of us are starting to wonder why we ever vowed to those resolutions in the first place. Sure we want to get our spending under control or shed a few extra pounds, but these goals require lifestyle changes that aren’t always the easiest to make. […]

Save Money this College Season: Textbook Rental Trend Gains Popularity

By Mariana Ashley Back-to-school season is here. And while most incoming college freshmen have factored in the cost of tuition, housing and food, most forget to calculate the added expense of what should be one of the priciest items on their school supplies list—textbooks. Some, especially introductory freshmen course textbooks, can cost as much as […]

Teaching Children the Importance of Money

Children seem to be born with an insatiable desire to spend. Whether it’s Christmas, birthday parties, or a trip to the local mall, children are never too shy when it comes to vocalizing their wants. And sometimes, they’re relentless. Parents face this on a daily basis. Dealing with the barrage of purchase requests becomes a […]

Count on College – But Don’t Count on Help for Scholarships

Today, parents hoping for scholarships are likely to meet trouble …colleges’ scholarship funds are in a squeeze due to falling markets. Moody’s believes college endowment funds will fall about 30% on average this year.