Financial Survival for Seniors

Financial health plays a crucial role in the quality of life for aging Seniors. How we spend these years depends, in a large part, on the financial foundation we lay during our active employment years. Although many people find their resources dwindling as they move into retirement, and find Social Security inadequate to cover all our expenses, there are several steps that you can take to effectively finance your golden years.

Common Myths About Nursing Homes

For seniors and their families, the prospect of becoming one of the 1.5 million people who reside in a nursing home can be scary. If you haven’t had experience with nursing homes, you probably don’t even realize how little the majority of people know about day to day life inside one. A lot of public […]

Don’t Be Liable for Debt When Serving as Power of Attorney

Debt: Don’t be Liable The term Power of Attorney (POA) is often used to refer to the capacity of “attorney-in-fact” which allows one person to act as an “agent” for another person. Unfortunately, a power of attorney ends when the person granting the power to another becomes incapacitated. In order to allow the person to continue acting on your behalf […]

Managing Your Mother’s Money

How to Invest Your Mother’s Money – And Keep Your Peace of Mind By Jeff Clark, Casey Research I manage one of my mother’s IRA accounts, and when it comes to investing money, she doesn’t like to take a lot of risks. I guess the same would be true for most of our mothers – and […]