8 Tips for Saving Money on Your Utility Bill

the fourth largest expense in your home is the monthly utility bills. The typical American family spends roughly 11% of their total budget on “Utilities and Other Household Operational Costs.” The only higher expenditures are for your mortgage or rent, taxes and transportation. You actually spend more for utilities than for food, or the total of (Social Security Contributions, Personal Insurance and Pensions), or Healthcare.

Fortunately, there are strategies you can employ that help to reduce the cost of your utilities and free up more of your income. Here are six tips that you can use today and save money in the months and years to come.

The 2 Easiest Ways to Lower Your Home’s Energy Costs

Lower Energy Costs More and more consumers today are looking for ways to lower their energy costs. Most know to have windows and doors checked to ensure that there are no air leaks in their homes and many take the initiative to have new energy efficient heating and cooling units installed. Many also replace their […]

Appliances That Bump Up Your Electricity Bill

Do you know how much you pay for your electricity every month? Most of us don’t always take a good look at our utility bills, preferring to pay the amount due without so much as a perfunctory glance at the numbers that reflect our consumption pattern. This bad habit prevents us from knowing where and […]