Thrifty Family Shopping: 5 Tips to Help You Not Break the Bank

Shopping with your family can quickly burn through the paycheck. Whether it’s that new toy your son is begging you to buy or the latest Apple phone you want but don’t really need, there are various bear traps lingering about shopping centers and department stores waiting to get stepped on by the inattentive shopper. Here are five tips to help you avoid the common shopping traps that befall the inexperienced and unprepared families.

How Respect At Home Leads To Respect In The Office

Morale in the workplace is a major problem for some corporations, but less of an issue for others. What do positive environs have that is missing elsewhere? Can strong morale positively affect finance? Perhaps it is the respect employees have for each other and which the employer has for his/her staff which makes the greatest difference. […]

Budgeting for a Baby

Despite what modern people might claim, quite a number still hold on to traditional dreams and desires. Probably the best example of such a dream is that of one day having a family of your own. Kids are great no doubt, they bring joy, excitement and a sense of awe and wonder to life but […]

Four Blood Tests That Could Save Your Life

  Now that blood testing centers are established throughout the country, it’s no longer necessary to go to your family doctor to demand blood work. Instead, you can visit a doctor directly at the testing center, request the tests, receive a doctor’s order, and get the results sent to your home. It’s easier than ever […]

Drug Safety: Go With Your Licensed Pharmacy

Recently, the Chinese police cracked down on a counterfeit prescription drug ring in China in an operation that involved 18,000 Chinese police. They managed to seize nearly $180 million dollars in counterfeit drugs and destroyed 1,100 facilities where the counterfeit drugs were produced. These counterfeiters sold drugs over the internet through portals with names like […]

How to Make a Romantic Dinner on a Budget

A romantic dinner doesn’t always have to take place in an upscale, pricey restaurant–you can make it happen right in your very own home. If you’d like to share a nice candlelit dinner with the one you love but are forced to stick to a tight budget, don’t fret. By assuming the role of chef […]