How Many Australians Can Afford Not to Take out Health Insurance?

Australian Health Insurance– If you choose not to purchase private health insurance, you need to bear in mind that Medicare services are not always as readily accessible as you would like. Reports from the 2010-11 year published on show that 15% of people who had consulted a general practitioner felt that they had waited longer than […]

Large Family? Check Out Four Ways to Save on Health Insurance

Save on Health Insurance- Even if your family is covered under a health insurance plan, having a large family can still be expensive when it comes to appointments, checkups and medication. Most health plans won’t give you and your family 100% coverage, and some plans won’t cover certain treatments. Despite this, it is still possible […]

Is Individual Dental Insurance Worth Purchasing?

Individual Dental Insurance- Dental insurance is available in indemnity, PPO and HMO plans. Most people wonder whether it is really necessary to have individual dental insurance since visits to the dentist are sporadic compared to other doctor’s visit. Indeed, most people visit the dentist when in need of urgent services such as extraction of a tooth, […]

Why Insurance is Not a Luxury

Adequate insurance is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Unless you are among the independently wealthy and can afford significant losses due to illness, theft, disaster, car accidents or an unexpected death in the family, insurance is a necessity of modern life. Even the wealthy protect their jewelry, homes, cars and larger assets with insurance against loss […]

Choosing a Family Health Insurance Plan

Family Health Insurance Plans There are a variety of reasons to choose your own family health insurance plan. Some employers don’t offer benefits… you may be in a lesser position or part time position that doesn’t allow benefits… or the plan your employer offers doesn’t offer the kind of coverage you need. Regardless of the reason, choosing […]

Mandatory Health Insurance Pros and Cons

Health Insurance In 2010, federal insurance legislation mandated that both employers and individuals must adhere to new insurance laws called “The Affordable Care Act” commonly referred to as “Obama Care”. Everyone in the nation will be required to have insurance by 2014 with few exceptions. These insurance laws have both advantages and disadvantages. Mandatory Health Insurance […]

Navigating the Politics of Health Insurance

Health Insurance Policy Politics One of the hot button political issues of the day is health insurance. Personal responsibility is a big issue in the current debate on Healthcare Reform. One side believes that the cost of healthcare should be spread evenly among everyone. Which sounds fair and reasonable if everyone took care of themselves […]

Affordable Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance By Zoe Williams With public health services struggling to keep up with high demand and long waiting lists for treatment, private health insurance coverage is becoming a more attractive option. While at first glance the cost of insurance may seem high, it does not need to be expensive. There are ways that […]