Is Property Insurance Worth the Investment?

Property is the stuff of dreams whether it is a house with a white picket fence or a condo by the beach.  And it doesn’t hurt that property in a good location can appreciate in terms of value. But, being the proud owner of property is only the beginning. You have to maintain and insure that […]

Five Important Things about Your Homeowners Insurance Contract

If you’re not sure exactly what’s covered by your homeowners insurance contract, you’re not alone. Even experienced insurance professionals admit that homeowners insurance policies are complex documents written mostly in legal jargon that’s incomprehensible to the average person. It’s important, however, that you have a good understanding of exactly what’s in your homeowners policy, because […]

The Effect of Renovation on Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance When you decide to renovate, you need to take into account how the renovation might affect your homeowner’s policy. Each situation is different, and you will want to review your individual policy to ensure that the changes will be covered. However, there are some common ways that homeowner policies and insurance plan might […]

5 Reasons To Update Your Insurance

Insurance You don’t have to change insurance companies every time you see a commercial on T.V. promising to save you 15 percent in 15 minutes. However, it’s a good idea to periodically review your coverage because various events in your life can have a dramatic and significant impact on the premiums you pay. Insurance companies […]

Getting the Best Home Insurance Quote

By Nicola Winters A property is a huge investment that will take further time and money to maintain. Protecting it, therefore against damage, theft and other natural occurrences is essential to ensure a home owner and their family are financially secure and stable. On top of mortgage expenses, bills and other commitments, paying for home […]