Investments to Consider for Retirement

The two primary purposes of Retirement Investments are: Provide Enough Income to support an acceptable quality of life & Outlast You. Thus the key is to find the proper mix of investments that will meet these two primary objectives.

The Truth About Annuities

6 Annuities FAQs: Yesterday we talked about how useful annuities are for retirement planning. Today we are going to look at some common misconceptions about annuities. Fact or Fiction? — 1)  Many different investments offer a guaranteed income stream. — Fiction! Annuities are the only financial planning option that can guarantee a continuous stream of income throughout […]

What Are Good Investments?

For those who have only recently accumulated enough excess money to consider investments, the range of options can be startlingly complex. For many people, at the very most it used to mean leaving one’s cash in a high-interest savings account for a few years. But in terms of getting a bigger return, savings are arguably […]