Tax Season Tricks to Get the Best Return

Most people dread the process of filing their taxes. But maximizing your return with a few minor tweaks in the way you file could take a bit of the anxiety out of the process. Reevaluating your W-4, reconsidering your filing status, and claiming the earned income tax credit are just a few ways you can get the biggest return possible on your income taxes. So, stop dreading filing your taxes and start looking forward to a big return by following these simple tips.

IRS Civil Asset Forfeitures Targets Noncriminals

n addition to the IRS targeting members of conservative organizations it appears that the IRS and other government agencies are targeting ordinary citizens for “Asset Forfeiture” which is another word for outright theft as there is no “due process” involved and the defendant is presumed guilty until proven innocent. In today’s post Matt Chilliak of Live and Invest Overseas describes this latest threat to our “Pursuit of Happiness”.

Deciding Who to Trust With Your Money

Almost everything we do in life requires that we exhibit some form of trust. When we go to the grocery store we are trusting that the food is wholesome and the package contains what is says it does. When we go to the gas station we are trusting that the pump is dispensing gasoline and not water. When we choose an investment adviser, a doctor or a lawyer we have to exhibit even more trust because we often don’t even know what we don’t know. So choosing an untrustworthy individual could prove disastrous to our health or wealth.