Everyone Can Learn at Harvard (Infographic)

The Rising Power of MOOCs: Now, everyone can learn at Harvard (or Yale, or…) 3 years ago, MOOCs were an idea. Now…. 5 million: number of students signed on to MOOCs, around the world 33,000: the average number of students that sign up for a MOOC The Dream: MOOCs Can: • Offer Ivy League Courses […]

Choosing an Online College

Although attending college is a lot of fun, in these tough economic times attending a full-time on campus college may not be the best option. Or economically speaking it may not be an option at all.  But these days with the advent of the Internet everything seems to be available online and that applies to a quality education […]

Online Degree More Affordable Than on Campus

Colleges: Online Degree These days getting a college education is possible in more than just a traditional campus setting. Many times tuition from one of the online College degree programs is less than or equal to that of the same program on campus at your local Community College or University. On average, you can expect to spend around […]