Is Beach Rental Affordable on a Budget?

Many people are struggling financially perhaps due to a lack of work experience, working part-time while attending college classes or simply the overall economy. Younger families may also be paying student loans or have other expenses to contend with.

Affordable beach rent on a Budget With these and other factors in mind, you may have your heart set on a beach location but also be focused on trying to find an affordable place to live.

Rent to Own Homes: Smart Choice or Mistake?

The rent to own home option has gained popularity in recent times due to various factors including a sluggish economy and an uncertain housing market. Rent to own comes with its own set of pros and cons. This option has been found to be best suited for buyers who are finding it difficult to secure […]

Finance Tips for First-Time Apartment Renters

Moving out for the first time should be a fun and rewarding experience. However it can also be a dangerous financial trap if you are not properly prepared to deal with the host of new responsibilities you will be confronted with. Absorb the financial advice to below to better equip yourself for successfully navigating the […]

Thinking About Renting Out A Room In Your Home? The Legal Issues You Need To Think About First

If you own a home and are thinking about renting a room in your house to make extra money, then you should consider all the legal issues and complications that can arise before making a decision.  While renting a room in your home is a great way to generate extra money, renting a room in […]

To Rent or Buy: That is the Question

As a young person, once you decide it’s time to move out of your parent’s house or upgrade from a college dorm room, the next step is to determine exactly where you want to live. You have two options for living situations. You can either rent, or you can buy. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to whether […]

Are Rent to Own Home Programs Worth It?

Editor’s Note: Long-time readers will know that when it comes to “Rent-to-Own” furniture I strongly believe that it is a “suckers bet” basically charging outrageous finance charges that end up costing you twice as much as the furniture is worth. There are only a few instances where it might be worthwhile. Both are short-term and […]