5 Critical Things to Do Before You Retire

As you get older and reach your golden years, there are several things you need to get in order before retirement. You likely met with a financial planner many years ago who advised you to begin saving and investing to build up a financial cushion to carry you through your later years. But there’s a difference between planning for retirement and making preparations for retirement. Now that retirement is just around the corner, it’s time to make some decisions and begin making changes to your lifestyle. Here are five things to do before taking the plunge into retirement.

Living Your Dreams: Five Benefits to Preparing for Retirement Now

Retirement can be a fun and rewarding phase of life, if you prepare for it correctly. Perhaps it was that hippie philosophy of just “chilling and taking one day at a time” but unfortunately, there are tens of thousands of older individuals that simply didn’t properly anticipate the next stage of life.   So many of them will […]

Do you know what you need to retire?

Planning for Retirement- Everyone is living longer and there’s no reason to suppose that trend will change anytime soon. While some have the option to work longer, there comes a time when it is nice to say “enough is enough” and retire to the golf course or the garden, see those places that you have […]