5 Critical Things to Do Before You Retire

As you get older and reach your golden years, there are several things you need to get in order before retirement. You likely met with a financial planner many years ago who advised you to begin saving and investing to build up a financial cushion to carry you through your later years. But there’s a difference between planning for retirement and making preparations for retirement. Now that retirement is just around the corner, it’s time to make some decisions and begin making changes to your lifestyle. Here are five things to do before taking the plunge into retirement.

Planning Your Future: 4 Tips to Financial Security

Depending on your financial background… becoming financially secure can be an impossible dream, a wish, a goal or a foregone conclusion. We all know that financial stress can cause everything from relationship problems to health issues. So making financial security a reality will benefit you more than just financially. But what makes the difference between financial security being a dream and a reality? Most of the difference is in your head. Donald Trump could lose all his money and become a millionaire again very quickly primarily because he knows how to do it. Where if you gave someone in the Ghetto a million dollars he would probably be poor again in about the same amount of time. Here are four tips to get you started on the right track.