Saving Now: How to Prepare Financially for Your Retirement

It is essential to start saving money as soon as you can, in order to have enough money during your retirement. There are many ways to save money for retirement including personal savings accounts, retirement savings plans from your employer, and Individual Retirement Accounts, also known as IRA’s. Take a look at these different ideas for saving you money and preparing for your future the right way.

Give Your Kids or Grandkids a Financial Boost

Summer is  a great time to teach your children about saving money for retirement and an interesting way to do it is by setting up a Roth IRA for them. Remember a Roth IRA is slightly different than a standard IRA. In a standard IRA you contribute pre-tax dollars and so it reduces the taxes […]

The Impact of the American Taxpayer Relief Act On Your Retirement Savings

The fiscal crisis of 08’ brought a number of changes in our personal finance. Most importantly, retirement savings became a focal point of discussion. The most important regulation enacted by Congress since the fiscal cliff was the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 which was signed into law on January 2, 2013. The Act gives permanence to […]

Doing the Roth Arithmetic

By Terry Coxon, Casey Research It’s clear to me, even though it may not be clear to you, that unless there is something very unusual about your situation, if you have a traditional IRA, you should pay the tax now and convert it to a Roth IRA. Not just maybe, but definitely. Not just for […]

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Structuring IRA Distributions To Avoid Penalties – Secure Harbor Planning: A Few Useful Ways

IRA Distribution Rules are a mine field. One incorrect move and you can discover yourself faced with high taxes and penalties that may wipe out years of savings and investment. Complicating issues is the Darwinian evolution of IRAs that have taken place since the pioneer IRA was introduced in ’74 with the enactment of the Employee […]

The Year of the Roth

By Terry Coxon, Casey Research Until 2010 arrived, you couldn’t have a Roth IRA if your income exceeded certain limits. That restriction is gone. Now anyone with a traditional IRA can convert it to a Roth. But should you? Background Roth or traditional, the central advantage of an IRA is tax deferral. Earnings accumulate and […]