The Truth About Annuities

6 Annuities FAQs: Yesterday we talked about how useful annuities are for retirement planning. Today we are going to look at some common misconceptions about annuities. Fact or Fiction? — 1)  Many different investments offer a guaranteed income stream. — Fiction! Annuities are the only financial planning option that can guarantee a continuous stream of income throughout […]

What You Need To Know Before You Invest Money

Institutional investors have an advantage that you do not: they are professionals. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t invest like a professional. You’ll need some basic understanding of how investments work. You should also ask yourself three key questions before you put down any of your hard-earned money: How long has the company been […]

How to Invest Safely (and Profitably)

Divide your liquid assets into three categories: emergency funds, investable funds, and speculative funds.
Your emergency fund should be held in cash or cash-like investments… your emergency money should cover your expenses.
Your investable assets are those you shouldn’t need to touch for at least three to five years.