The Financial Benefits of Student Athletics

Sports have a way of unifying the community and promoting school pride, which is one reason why every major university invests in a comprehensive athletics program. Student athletes are viewed as local heroes who bring prestige to the school through their achievements on the field. However, being one is no walk in the park. Competition […]

Ways Your Kid Can Help Pay for Their College Education

A college education typically costs a lot of money and education costs have risen faster than inflation. As such, most parents need all the financial assistance they can get to help put their kids through college. Besides seeking financial assistance from student loan programs and grants programs, you can also help your children by encouraging […]

Count on College – But Don’t Count on Help for Scholarships

Today, parents hoping for scholarships are likely to meet trouble …colleges’ scholarship funds are in a squeeze due to falling markets. Moody’s believes college endowment funds will fall about 30% on average this year.