5 Critical Things to Do Before You Retire

As you get older and reach your golden years, there are several things you need to get in order before retirement. You likely met with a financial planner many years ago who advised you to begin saving and investing to build up a financial cushion to carry you through your later years. But there’s a difference between planning for retirement and making preparations for retirement. Now that retirement is just around the corner, it’s time to make some decisions and begin making changes to your lifestyle. Here are five things to do before taking the plunge into retirement.

Will You Blow $180,000 of Your Social Security?

Optimizing your Social Security payments hinges on more than the age you at which you start receiving benefits. Guru’s and financial planners often make it sound easy to decide when is the optimal point to begin collecting your Social Security. But the question is really trickier than it might seem. Every situation is different and with many couples having two working spouses eligible to collect Social Security deciding on the perfect age to begin collecting is even trickier. But there are a variety of options… some of which are rarely discussed… including having the spouse with the shortest life expectancy begin collecting early while the other waits until later. In today’s post Dennis Miller looks at a few other options you should consider.

Planning to Start Your Social Security Insurance Benefits at Age 62?

Once you have finished college and are well-established in your career, you begin to plan your retirement more seriously. One thing you need to consider is the age you plan to collect your social security insurance benefits. My parents both began at 62. One of them died at age 71 while the other is still […]