Negotiating a Good Deal on a New Car

Purchasing a new car can be a major investment, and that is why you want to be absolutely sure you are getting a great vehicle at the right price.

Money Saving Tips for Students

It’s daunting for a parent when they wave their child off as they begin the next chapter of their life as a college student… it only seems like a short while since they were starting kindergarten. Parents do as much as possible to educate their children with life skills: necessities like how to separate the whites and the […]

Money Saving Tips for Labor Day Weekend

The following suggestions were contributed by the Plainfield Police as a public service. ~ Tim McMahon, editor Don’t Overspend This Labor Day Weekend After months of heat, during which Illinois and Missouri were some of the hottest states on record, we’re finally coming down on the last big weekend of the season. Labor Day weekend is traditionally […]

Tips for Saving on the Grocery Bills

Food and other necessities like cleaning materials have to be bought, and the grocery bills can stack up when you are looking after a family. But there are ways that you can buy the same cart full of items and spend a lot less money. It takes a little work and a little determination. Read […]