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How Much is a Dad Worth?

For Father’s Day

How valuable is your Dad?

On mother’s day back in March, we asked you how valuable is your mum and shared a neat infographic showing just what our mums do for us.

With father’s day just around the corner, we wanted to reverse the roles and ask how valuable your dad is.

As a result, we asked the guys in the MoneySupermarket life cover team to do a bit of research regarding this – and they used some figures put together by Legal and General to find out exactly that!

We now have another infographic showing what our fathers do and their annual worth. Compare it to the mother’s day infographic and see what you think. We’re sure this is a debate that will run long into the night, let us know what you think.

According to new research by MoneySuperMarket.com Mums in England believe that Dads only do 15 hours of chores a week. So what better time than Father’s Day to set the record straight and establish Dad’s true worth in the home. Using data from the Office for National Statistics, Legal and General compiled the Value of a Parent 2011 Research. These figures are calculated using the number of hours spent on household chores and childcare multiplied by Office of National Statistic (ONS) data on average hourly pay rates for equivalent job roles.

For Father's Day

Dad’s Worth in Numbers:

Father's worth 2

Believe it or not Dad’s in England spend an average of 50 hours a week on chores and childcare. But Dad’s do much more…

Father's Annual ValueThe nationwide average annual financial value of Father’s contribution to work at home is  £21,306.

Dad's Weekly valueThe value of Dad’s weekly financial worth is £410 and surprisingly ….

Childcare valueThe average Dad provides £172 a week of caring for the children.

Dad’s Worth By the Hour

Here’s a breakdown of what Dad’s time looks like over the course of a week.

Father Weekly Hours Worked


The average Dad spends 20 hours with the children, 5.5 hours cooking/preparing meals, 4.5 hours tidying up, 3.5 hours shopping, 3 hours driving to activities, 2.5 hours gardening, 3 hours for other household tasks, 3 hours washing up or dishwashing, 2.5 hours cleaning or vacuuming, 2.5 hours washing or ironing clothes.

Dad’s Worth by Region

The value of Dad’s household work was the highest in Wales at £27,300 which is 28% higher than the national average.

Value of Fathers by Region

 Dad’s True Worth

Of course Dad’s true worth can’t be measured in terms of Time or money. So this Father’s Day it’s worth keeping the following in mind.

  • Dad only gets an average of 8 hours a week to himself
  • Dad only gets 3.5 hours a week to spend with his wife

Dad's Time with Wife

The Power of Insurance

The average UK male earns around £29,000 a year. Most Dad’s are their family’s main breadwinner. So insurance is essential for the overall family Security  in case of death, illness, or injury. Dad’s value is often underappreciated in the home.  Only 64% of Dad’s said that they felt appreciated by their kids. So this Father’s Day why don’t you show him how much you really care?

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Legal and General – Value of a Parent 2011 Research

These figures are calculated using number of hours spent on household chores and childcare multiplied by Office of national Statisitc (ONS) data on average hourly pay rates for equivalent job roles.