Financial Planning: More Than a Savings Account

There is little in life more satisfying than setting a goal, sticking to it, and then seeing your hard work and discipline pay off. This is especially true when meeting your savings goals for an “Emergency Fund,” then a College Fund. However, building up your savings account shouldn’t be the extent of your financial planning. Here are a few ways to make your savings the beginning of even more financial success.

Say Hello to a Good Buy: How to Make Financing a Car Less Complicated

If you look at your car and wonder how much longer it’s going to get you where you need to go, it might be necessary to replace it with a newer model. If you haven’t saved up enough to pay cash for your next vehicle, the thought of financing a vehicle may be frightening, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find financing that is simple and straightforward. Here are a few suggestions to help.

Big Family? Top Strategies for Saving on Utilities

Large families tend to use more energy than smaller families. This can add up in the costs department. Here are some strategies to help save money on your energy bills:

Let It Snow! 5 Expensive Winter Problems to Avoid

Winter landscapes laden with snow are beautiful to view from the cozy warmth of your home, but snowy conditions can be the cause of expensive damage to your residence and property. Homeowners should always keep in mind that the water content in snow and ice is very heavy and can put additional stress on structures and trees. A few simple actions can help to minimize the risk of damage. Here are a few measures you can take to prevent damage from snow and ice that will help you avoid expensive repairs.

Negotiating a Good Deal on a New Car

Purchasing a new car can be a major investment, and that is why you want to be absolutely sure you are getting a great vehicle at the right price.

Renting an Older Home? 4 Utility Cost-Saving Updates

If you’re renting an older home, you may discover that utility costs are more than you might expect. There are several reasons that you may be paying more than in a newer home. Often, they are little issues that can easily be fixed for just a few dollars. Consider making a few updates to your rental to save money in the long run. Just be sure to get landlord’s approval before beginning any project.

How Parents Can Help Their Teens Learn to Manage Money

Parenting a teenager is largely an exercise in transitioning your child into adulthood. This is not an overnight development, but rather an ongoing process. Unfortunately, the public school system today favors theoretical knowledge over practical skills.

Parent Problems: 4 Thrifty Ways to Prepare Yourself for Teenagers

It might seem like just yesterday you brought your newborn babies home from the hospital, but now, they’re teenagers. This is an exciting time to be a parent, but it’s also one that comes with its own share of anxieties and uncertainties, one of the biggest of which is, money. Parenting teenagers can be expensive and you need to know how best to deal with it. Here are four thrifty ways to prepare yourself for teenagers.