Be Sure Your Family is Secure Physically and Financially

As parents, we all want our homes and family to be well protected. Ensuring the well-being of your family is your ultimate goal as a parent. However, we can’t always be present to make sure this happens. As a result, home security systems and certain types of insurance coverage can help to ensure the safety of everyone and everything under your roof.

How to Protect Your Finances in a Crisis

The economic climate is still precarious. Looking at Greece’s economic turmoil, and the Government Shutdown in the US, there is plenty to be wary about when it comes to hanging on to your money. Even as some economies begin to grow, there are many that are balancing between negative and positive growth. So how can […]

Internet Safety: Protect Yourself Online

Online banking is extremely convenient. But being able to control accounts from home has some associated risks of managing financial information online. What are some of the ways that you can protect yourself while banking online and processing payments with credit cards? Access Accounts from Secure Networks Unsecured WiFi networks can leave you at risk when it comes to […]

Know Your Rights Against Home Intruders

Many people have traditionally used the term “burglary” to refer to the act of breaking into a property at night with the intent to commit crime. However, most states in the United States have broadened the definition of burglary to include illegal attempts to enter into a building during the day. Some of the laws […]

Why You Should Keep Collector Coins in Dry, Secure Storage

Thanks to the area’s economic interaction with Mexico prior to the Mexican-American war, both traders and searchers alike can acquire some unique and valuable coins in the Forth Worth area.Getting those great pieces means taking good care of them, and sometimes your house is exactly the wrong place for that. Here’s why local storage facilities can be a better […]

Simple Tips to Keep Your Information Safe

Electronic identity theft has become a big problem. According to a report commissioned by the US Secret Service and Verizon, 81% of all data breaches in 2012 involved some form of hacking. In addition, 96% of the data breaches stemmed from external sources. Figures from a report published by LexisNexis show that stolen credit card […]

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Many people live in a vicious cycle of not having any money just days after being paid. Then they worry how they are going to live until they receive their next paycheck. This creates stress and wreaks havoc on their lives. This feeling of helplessness is further escalated if an emergency arises and they have […]

How to Hide Cash and Valuables at Home

Do you have a large sum of money and/or numerous items of value in your home? If your answer is yes, it may be in your best interests to hide these things in areas that are inconspicuous or unordinary. Since intruders often look in routine areas when they break into a home, you want to […]