Things Mortgage Lenders Look for on Your Application

You probably have compiled quite a few questions for the mortgage lender. But, if you use our advice, you can focus on limiting that stress before your big day.

Tips for Navigating Your First Home Mortgage

Owning your first home is a major milestone that you should be proud of. However, there are plenty of things you need to do to prepare for it. This includes signing a mortgage, which is a loan you’ll pay back on a monthly basis to the bank you borrowed money from to pay for the house. In order to be a responsible homeowner, you need to have a solid understanding of your mortgage.

Tips for Surviving Foreclosure

When foreclosure notices start coming in, it’s tempting to shut down and ignore the problem, hoping it will go away. But without facing it head on, the problem won’t be going away. Losing a home that you’ve built over the years is unimaginably difficult, yet many Americans face this reality today. Getting over the initial […]

An FHA Loan Can Help Low-income Families

An FHA Loan- An FHA Loan through the Federal Housing Administration, can help low-income families purchase homes they would otherwise be unable to afford. This is a big help to families who require more than a single bedroom apartment or house but don’t have the income to come up with a downpayment and may be […]

Pros and Cons of Online Mortgage Calculators

Online mortgage calculators are widely used by home buyers today. If you are planning buy your next house, you should use these tools to determine how much you can fork out for your next house. This is not to say that the use of online mortgage calculators is flawless – they have their advantages and […]

First Time Home Buyers Need Budgeting Skills

Tough Financial Times Are Taking Their Toll On Younger Households With households all over the country feeling the pinch of the ever-increasing costs of living, it appears that the tough financial times are taking their toll on younger households. Despite the mortgage stress being felt by the first time home buyer market, analysts say the […]

What to Look for When You’re Buying Rental Property

Buying Rental Property In today’s economy, investing in a rental property can be a great idea. Home prices are down, interest rates are low, and there are a growing niche of people looking for affordable rental houses. With a good degree of planning and preparation, rental properties can be the most reliable way to earn […]

3 Tips for Saving Money on Your First Mortgage

Your First Mortgage- Buying your first home is an exciting moment, whether you’re buying a studio apartment for yourself or a house for your family there are fewer joys in life like using your new key to unlock the front door for the first time. People are buying their way into the home owner’s world at […]