How Parents Can Help Their Teens Learn to Manage Money

Parenting a teenager involves transitioning your child into adulthood. Unfortunately, the school system today doesn’t teach practical skills like budgeting. But one of the biggest things that will help ensure a secure financial future for your teenager, is learning how to create a budget. Managing their money is crucial in order for them to understand the value of it. Here are four tips on how parents can help their teens learn to manage their money.

Consider Their Income

The budget for a teenager might be less complicated than that for an adult, but it shouldn’t be taken any less seriously. When starting your teenager’s budget, you should examine their sources of money. They might have a part-time job, a weekly allowance, or both. You should get an estimate of how much they make on a weekly basis. This might fluctuate, but it should some general consistency. This can help you decide how best to direct their money.

Buying a New Car

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Looking To Invest? Bonds To Consider

When you decide to invest money, it’s important to commit to doing the appropriate research that will protect your financial investment. When you think of saving you generally think of a bank. And when you think of investing generally you think of either stocks or bonds. Stocks are a form of ownership while bonds are a form of debt. So if you buy a stock you participate in the good fortune of a company but you also can participate in its losses. Bonds on the other hand are you loaning money to a company. You don’t participate in any appreciation you are simply paid interest for using your money. You also don’t have the risk of the company value decreasing. Even if a company goes bankrupt bondholders are ahead of stockholders in getting their money back. For this reason bonds normally have a lower yield than stocks, but also a lower risk.  There are several different types of bonds and bond funds. Typically the difference is based on the type of issuer but differences also come from how the bond is structured.

1—Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds are issued by state and local governments. Individuals who have invested in municipal bonds over the years are quick to tout their advantages. Local and state governments sell these bonds to fund special projects that benefit their communities . The local taxing authority guarantees payments to investors. If the investor lives in the state that issues the bond, interest payments are exempt from federal taxes. Municipal bonds can reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio investments and can provide important tax savings for high-income earners. Generally, municipal bonds are considered fairly safe because local governments can simply raise taxes to pay for them but recently some municipalities like Detroit and Puerto Rico have had difficulty making bond payments and have considered default.

2—Treasury Bonds, Bills and Notes

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