Apps for Home Improvement

Apps for Home Improvement

The Research Phase

Pinterest is a free platform that most people are familiar with. It allows you to “pin” your favorite pictures and categorize them into “boards”. So during the research phase you can collect samples of pictures that inspire you. Including favorite colors, room styles etc. You can also look at other people’s favorites and get even more inspiration.

Another free app is “Houzz” which has millions of professional quality photos of home renovations to inspire your inner designer. In addition it includes articles and forums to help you actually accomplish your goals.

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How to Tackle Debt From Your Summer Vacation

Have you found yourself bringing home more than just souvenirs from your last few trips? Maybe you dipped into the red on your last vacation, or your budget didn’t quite last. Going into debt to pay for a vacation getaway is something nearly three in four Americans have done at some point. So how do you tackle that vacation debt?

Ideally, you won’t come home from your holidays with any debt at all, but it can happen to the best of us. Sometimes budgets fail, emergencies come up, or people just make mistakes. Whatever the reason, if you’re swimming in debt before you even get home, here are some helpful strategies for banishing that cumbersome vacation debt.

Get a Handle on Your Situation

The first and most vital step to eliminating your new debt is to come to terms with it. You need to assess your charges, interest rates, and the total amount of money you owe. It’s very easy to ignore your debt, dealing with each individual bill as it arrives in the mail, but hiding from your problem will only make the whole situation worse. You stand a much better chance of quickly banishing your debt if you get organized from the start.

This means no procrastination. As soon as you arrive back home, locate all your credit cards and check the balances on each one. Identify the interest rates and due dates on each card.

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Financial Preparation is Essential to Surviving a Divorce

Divorce finances

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Financial Implications of Losing Your Mobility


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How to Develop a Millionaire Mindset

Develop a millionaire mindset

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Avoid being “house poor” by taking these 4 steps


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Productivity Hacks for Working from Home

Stay Productive

Working from home can be great because you have all the freedom you want and the environment that makes you feel comfortable. However, there are more distractions at home than in an office, so you need to be careful. Many people just love taking … [Continue reading]

Dream Family Vacation: 5 Money Saving Tips That Add Up

Where to Sell Decluttered Items

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