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Money-Saving Ideas for Frugal Moms and Dads

Being a mom or dad is not always an easy task, nor a cheap one. There are many things that must be considered when providing for your children and raising a happy, healthy family. Necessary items such as food, medicine, and household goods are all required expenses. Then there are things like clothing and family trips, which are also pricey. If you are a parent who strives to be as frugal as possible, the following money-saving ideas should really help you out.

At the Supermarket

Groceries are one of the biggest expenses you will encounter as a mom or dad, so learning how to save money at the supermarket is a great skill to acquire. It is always a good idea to scan your local Sunday papers for any coupons that would benefit you. You can also check one of the many online coupon sites, where you can find and print coupons for tons of products. Coupons are a great way to save money on things like food and household goods. For instance, you can find  a variety of coupons which is a great way to save money on things like food and household goods. In addition to using coupons, always be sure to check the weekly ads of local supermarkets. That way you will know exactly what is on sale where, which allows you to shop accordingly. If you can find an item on sale that you also have a coupon for, your savings will be even greater. Some supermarkets also offer customer cards that are preloaded with savings to help their shoppers save even more on groceries. Compare prices of the store brand versus the name brand. Sometimes even with a coupon the name brand is more expensive, sometimes the products are identical.  However, sometimes name brand items are better quality than the store brand, less watered down etc. So you need to verify that the product is really the same… buying dish detergent that is half water isn’t saving you any money.

If you have access to a club store that offers products in bulk, it is smart to compare prices on the products your family uses regularly. Buying in bulk can save you a great deal of money on things like household cleaners, laundry detergents, over-the-counter medications, and some food items if you have space to store them.

At Home

There are many ways to save money at home. If you have more than one child of the same sex, hand-me-down clothing is a great way to save yourself from buying the same articles twice. Even if you only have one child, hold onto clothing until you decide if more kids are a possibility. Baby clothes are especially useful to hang onto because babies rarely ruin or wear out their attire. Thrift stores are also great places to look for kid’s clothing. It is smart to save toys and baby supplies that are in good condition as well.

Another way to save money at home is to look through your bills and determine if any of them can be reduced. Bills for things like internet, cable or satellite television, and phone service are often able to be lowered. Check with your service providers to see if they are currently offering any promotions. If not, ask about bundles or packages. It is not uncommon for providers to offer discounts if you purchase all of your services through them.

If your children attend school, you know that school lunches can get to be a large expense. Perhaps you should think about packing their lunch, unless lunches are subsidized it can often save you a great deal of money throughout the school year. Packing budget-friendly items such as sandwiches, bananas, and cereal are all excellent ways to cut back on lunch expenses. And provide higher nutritional value for your kids as well.

At Work

Don’t forget the same applies to your lunch at work. If you eat out an average of twice a week at $10 each that is $1,000 a year. You can probably bring your lunch for less than $100 a year. That goes double for vending machines. A $5 box of snacks from the club store can last a month compared to spending $1 per day at the vending machine.

On the Road

Family trips are a great experience for both parents and kids alike. Trips often show kids things they have never before seen in their short lives. Do not feel like family trips need to be taken in airplanes to be successful and fun, though. There are most likely many exciting destinations that are located in the same state your family resides in. Destinations within driving distance mean less money spent on airfare, hotels and rental cars, and more time and money available for fun activities. If you do decide to take a vacation via airplane to a faraway location, be sure to book your flights in advance, as that can save you some money. Also, if you are going to a warm, tropical place, think about going during the off-season. The cost of accommodations is usually significantly lower during the off-season. This is because there are fewer tourists, and fewer tourists mean less money for vacation destinations. They offer deals to keep people coming all year round. Not only will you save money, but you will not have to fight the crowds you normally would if you went during the busy season.

These are just a few money-saving ideas for frugal moms and dads to get you thinking. If you take a few minutes to plan you should be able to save money in one way or another. You will be glad you took the time to give these ideas a try.

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