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The Four Ways Churches Ask For Money

Here at your family finances we strongly believe in giving to support the local church and in contributing to the community and as Jesus said in Matthew chapter 25, caring for the  sick, feeding the hungry, visiting the prisoner and clothing the naked. But you also need to be aware of how the money you are giving is being spent because we are also commanded to be good stewards of what God has given us. In the following article Christine Kane looks at ways that churches solicit money and how we are responsible for our response to that request for contributions.  ~Tim McMahon, editor.

The Four Ways Churches Ask For Money

Church GivingEvery church needs money in order to meet its obligations, pay salaries and maintain its buildings. It is a simple fact of life. But lately it seems that many churches are hurting financially. It might be because the parishioners don’t tithe enough, it might be that they need to remodel or expand, or it could be just that the down turn in the overall economy is creating a pinch. Whatever the reason,  churches need money. There are four main techniques that churches often draw on in order to raise it. Maybe they have a manual out there somewhere, but regardless of the denomination you follow, most churches seem to ask for money in one of these four ways.

1. The Beggar – First off is the beggar. These churches need money and are making no bones about it. They need money like a fish needs water. They pass the plate and give the big puppy-dog eyes to anyone who doesn’t contribute. They pray long and loudly. They might even end up literally begging in the streets.

2. The Guilt Tripper – Like the beggar, the guilt tripper has no qualms about asking for money. They just try to jazz it up a bit. They get the youth to record a video or show pictures of starving orphans in Africa. Their theory is apparently the more guilt, the more money you are willing to pledge. Best of all, when you do pledge, you get a gift from the youth group or the orphans. Yay.

3. The Bible Thumper – This type of church won’t hit you below the belt, but at it. The Bible belt, to be precise. You never knew there were so many verses about money until you came to this church. To top it off, since the Word is the Word, there is no arguing with them.

4. The Straight Shooter – Last but not least, we come to the straight shooter. This is my favorite type of church. They tell you exactly how much they need, what they need it for, and when they need it. No if, ands, or buts. The thing about this church is that they usually don’t ask unless they have a very, very good reason. Perhaps for a special mission project or the electricity is going to be turned off.

No matter what church you attend, or how much you tithe, eventually they will ask you for more money. How they ask depends on the church. Just remember that you learn a lot about a church by how often they ask for extra money and which method they use. Is your church setting a good example of good stewardship? Do they plan a reasonable budget and stick to it?

Your finances are a large part of your life and Jesus told a lot of parables regarding money and how it relates to the condition of your heart. You need to prayerfully determine just how much you are willing and able to give before you get put into a compromising position. Plan ahead and pray when giving, and remember that everything you have belongs to the Lord. You are just returning a portion like you were commanded to do. Give generously but also be wise in what you give and who you give it to. Be a good steward of the money that God gifts you with.

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Image courtesy of  David Castillo