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Offline and Online Discount Coupons

Merchants believe that selling their products through group deals will result in more product sales. In a recent survey, merchants reported that online sales shot up by over 50% as a result of these deals. eCommerce websites and offline businesses have started looking for other ways for increasing their sales. Users look for the website when they are searching for some product and they look for the website which offers them the things at the cheapest price or discounted price without compromising the quality.

online discount couponsRecently, consumers have become more inclined more towards  online shopping and they are always looking for online discount coupons and vouchers compared to purchasing things directly from stores. You can often purchase products online at significant discounts depending upon the type and value of the coupons. There are printed coupons, paper coupons, and online coupons available. You can make substantial savings on many of the products and consequently there are many people who have been trying to make successful use of these coupons.

Sources to Find Discounts Coupons:

Traditionally, newspapers have been the most common source to find coupons and often Sunday newspapers are loaded with them.

Websites also offer many coupons online. Discount coupons are often available on websites even though these coupons are not available in supermarkets and department stores. Be careful while using these coupons, because these coupons may only be valid for particular products or have severe limitations e.g. if you got a coupon for groceries then you have to purchase the things related to that particular brand and particular item. Buy one get one free is commonly used as a part of a promotional offer.

For their valuable customers, some super markets provide special discount coupons. By being a member of their “discount club” they will give you a membership card that is scanned every time you make a purchase. Your Family’s  purchases are tracked and this data has become very valuable to retailers in planning and marketing their products. To encourage customers to use the barcoded cards they offer significant member discounts and even send coupons for free products tailored to your particular usage. For instance if you buy a lot of ice cream and frozen pizza one month the next month you might get a coupon for a free package of store brand ice cream and a free pizza. This serves two purposes, the first of course is to get you back into the store where the hope is that you will spend more money and not just pick up your free items.  The second purpose is more subtle and that is to generate a sense of loyalty and gratitude toward the giver. But it is not all one sided the consumer does get significant discounts and even free products and they are specifically tailored to the particular consumer. After all what good is a diaper coupon to someone who has no babies or a peanut butter coupon to someone allergic to peanuts?

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