Professional vs. Casual: How to Dress in the Office

Dressing appropriately is just as important during the third year on the job as when attending your first interview. Wearing sensible attire is especially important at corporate functions and dress-down days. Use these tips when you have a question of dress code at work. Ask First It’s really that simple, unfortunately, many miss the boat […]

Why Work if You Don’t Have To?

Ideally, your work should allow you to take the best of what’s in you and express it to the world. It should give your life dignity and meaning, whether you’re writing software, fixing teeth, or just raising happy, productive kids. No matter how you spend your days, you have a clear choice. You can think of your work entirely in terms of responsibilities and obligations. Or you can view it as a contest, a challenge, an opportunity. Because if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, there’s little chance your work will please or impress anyone else.