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How to Create the Ideal Home Office You’ll Enjoy Working In

Working from home is an awesome perk, but not if you’re stuck working on the cluttered corner of the kitchen table. To ensure maximum focus and creativity, you need to provide yourself with optimal working conditions. Consider creating a tranquil space that lends itself to getting things done while fostering productivity and creativity. Comfort and functionality are the keys to making your office space enjoyable while performing your day-to-day tasks. Here are some tips on how to create a perfect space that stimulates your mind and productivity.

Find the Middle Ground Between Beauty and Functionality

Uncluttered WorkspacePlan a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal for maximum efficiency. Everyone has personal taste and preferences, so you should take it into account when planning for your ideal office space. Just don’t go to extremes – remember that functionality comes first, and too much mumbo-jumbo can distract you from focusing on important tasks. But, don’t worry – there are [Continue reading]

Modern Housing Hacks to Get a New House- Cheap

Alternative Housing

One of the most effective ways to build wealth is to either own land or own a home. If you have both, you may be able to secure your financial future and that of generations to come. But houses are expensive and a major portion of the cost goes to … [Continue reading]

Landscaping the Perfect Yard on a Budget

Budget Landscaping

Real Estate professionals stress the importance of "Curb Appeal" but it's not just for selling your house. Your yard is the first impression you make on guests, neighbors, and yourself. When you simply want your house to stand out, your yard and curb … [Continue reading]

Budget Busters: How to Handle Unexpected Costs

car insurance

If you've been reading Your Family Finances for any time at all you will know that we consistently stress the need for an "Emergency Fund". We've often said, "When you have the money it isn't an emergency but simply an inconvenience." You should be … [Continue reading]

Saving Money in the Laundry Room?

Saving money on Laundry

We all could stand to save some money on laundry supplies. Name-brand detergents can be ridiculously expensive and just drying clothes in the clothes dryer can increase electricity bills. Even buying dryer sheets can be an unnecessary expense, but … [Continue reading]

True Cost: How to Calculate the Financial Needs of Your Family

When you were single and living alone, you might have had money to spare every week, or you may have lived with your parents and saved a ton. Now, however, you're responsible for an entire family. This fact has caused you to need to reevaluate your … [Continue reading]

The Family Minivan: 4 Money-Saving Steps to Fix Up Your Vehicle


The minivan is a very useful and versatile vehicle, from taking the kids to soccer practice to picking up supplies at the lumber yard the minivan does it all. But routine trips and errands in your minivan can lead to many minor problems. Dents, chips … [Continue reading]

How Bad Credit Happens & How to Keep It from Holding You Back

A good credit score can make life easier. You may be able to get lower interest rate loans, lower premium insurance policies or a better deal on rent. It may also be easier to get a job or get an apartment in a desirable area. Let's look at why a … [Continue reading]