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Considering Divorce? Your Budget Will Take a Major Hit

The old saying that “Two can live as cheaply as one” although not 100% true does have some truth to it. Whether you are a couple or a single a 1 bedroom apartment costs the same. The electricity is almost the same, etc. Divorce at any point in life will be expensive and that is not just counting the lawyer’s fees. A household that shared all of the expenses, is now going to be separated, instead of supporting one household you will be supporting two. Plus if there were two incomes covering all your expenses now there will only be one. If you’re in the middle of a divorce or considering the process, take a close look at how your budget will change. In most cases, you’ll have new expenses to deal with for several months or years. Plus, since money problems are a major cause of stress in marriages, often when couples are considering divorce it is because they already have money problems, but getting a divorce over money may only make matters worse.

According to Marripedia divorce initially reduces your assets by about half, and is the primary cause for women applying for welfare. “Almost half of American families experience poverty following a divorce, and 75 percent of all women who apply for welfare benefits do so because of a disrupted marriage or a disrupted relationship in which they live with a male outside of marriage… 

By the time you enter your 50’s your level of wealth has a strong correlation to weather you were divorced or not.

“The assets of married couples in their fifties (who are approaching retirement) are four times greater than those of their divorced peers (See Chart below). Even when the two divorced households’ assets on average are combined  [Continue reading]

Legal Liability: What Exactly Does Your Home Insurance Cover?


If you have a home, you most likely have a home insurance policy. However, you may not know exactly what you are covered for until you go to file a claim. This can be a risky strategy as even a small claim against you could cost thousands of dollars. … [Continue reading]

Making the Best of the Worst: 4 Tips for Financial Recovery after an Accident

Following a car accident, your first thought is most likely not going to be how much the collision is going to cost you. However, within a few days, you may find the bills overwhelming, particularly if this is your first major unexpected expense as a … [Continue reading]

3 Keys to Teaching Your Kids Financial Literacy

The Old Fashioned Way

No one comes into this world with financial literacy skills. They must learn them. Once upon a time ago, kids could learn these crucial skills by taking a class in junior high or high school. However, nowadays, it seems like common sense classes like … [Continue reading]

Have You Made Mistakes? Why and How to Get Them Expunged

If you've made mistakes in the past that resulted in your getting a "record" whether it be Criminal or Civil these mistakes can follow you and make your life miserable (and much more difficult). Having a "record" can make it hard to get a job, rent … [Continue reading]

Can’t Get Approved for a Loan? What It Takes to Repair Your Credit

Having a good credit score can make life a lot easier. According to an article on Capital One's website, a good credit score will lower your expenses because "many lenders offer better terms and lower interest rates to people with good credit … [Continue reading]

Money & Mannerisms: Traits That Lead to Success

In many ways, our financial habits are an expression of our personalities. Those who tend to be impulsive in other areas of their lives may be more likely to spend money on a whim. Those who tend to be more measured in other areas of their lives may … [Continue reading]

A Fresh Start: 4 Reasons Bankruptcy Is Not As Bad As You Think

When we think of bankruptcy we often think of irresponsibility with money, but job loss, divorce, tax liens and credit card debt are some other possible reasons that people might choose to file for bankruptcy. But according to a Harvard study 62% of … [Continue reading]