4 Tips For Saving Enough For A New Family Car

Saving for a new car can be difficult, but it’s important to keep the benefits of saving in mind. According to Forbes, it’s easier to save if you keep the “future you” in mind while cutting corners now to save for the future. You’ll thank yourself after you’ve saved a chunk of money for the down payment for your new car because it will make your monthly payments much more affordable than if you had no down payment at all. Having a smaller monthly payment will ease your finances and help you save interest on the loan so it’s a win-win. The more you save the better off you’ll be. Even better is to drive a clunker until you can afford to pay for your entire car it avoids paying interest and actually has your bank paying you interest (as small as it may be) while you are saving.

Let’s take a moment to examine some tips that will help you save.

Set a Date

Saving for a CarThe first thing you need to decide is when you want to make your purchase. You might need to ask yourself how long your current vehicle can last you until you make your next purchase. Once you decide how long that will be (i.e. one year, three years, etc), you can adjust your goals accordingly. Obviously, the further away the date is, the more money you’ll be able to save toward the purchase of your new car.

Plan Your Purchase

Once you’ve set a date when you’re going to buy your car, you’ll need to decide [Continue reading]

Retirement on the Horizon? Financial Tips to Plan for your Future

No matter how old you are, it is never too early or too late to plan for your financial future. Many years ago, I read a little booklet entitled “The Tyranny of the Urgent” that has stuck with me ever since. The basic premise was that we often spend most of our time handling urgent problems while actually putting off more important issues. This can be especially true when it comes to financial planning. In today’s world, we are always so busy with jobs, families, etc., that we do not take the time to carefully plan for our future. Being properly prepared goes a long way when it comes to your financial future. Therefore, here are four financial tips to help you be properly prepared for Retirement.

1. Life Insurance

Retirement FinancesWhen we are young life insurance is critical to help provide for our family if we should meet an untimely demise. It helps to provide funds to pay off our mortgage and/or cover bills when our income is no longer there for the family. It can also help cover funeral expenses and other bills. You want to make sure the ones you love are left financially secure.

However,as we get older [Continue reading]

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