What to Do if You Get a “Windfall”

Everyone has dreamed of getting a “windfall” of some sort at one time or another. Perhaps it is an inheritance from a long lost Uncle, winning the Lottery or having the “Prize Patrol” show up on your doorstep. Sometimes the money can come from less than joyful circumstances. In some cases it can be the result of a settlement for some sort of injury or lawsuit. Unfortunately, if you don’t have experience handling money your windfall can be short-lived. For this reason many settlements are in the form of an annuity so you will get a certain amount every month (or year) for the rest of your life.

WindfallAt first, getting a lot of money can feel like a tremendous boon. But, without the right money management skills many people find that their settlements become exhausted far too quickly. In fact, many people [Continue reading]

Will a Court Case Cost or Save You Money?

CourtGoing to court to receive damages for a personal injury lawsuit seems almost American these days. If you have been injured, you expect the guilty party that caused your injury to legally compensate your pain, suffering, or disfigurement in some fashion or other. But is going to court all it is cracked up to be? Will the injured party truly come out ahead? Here are some factors to consider before jumping feet first into taking someone to court for a personal injury claim.

The Defendant Lacks Money and Assets

If you are seeking damages for a personal injury case, it is generally smart to [Continue reading]

Paying for a New Vehicle


Once your kids start driving, the idea of getting their own car may become a major issue in your house. And this of course brings up other issues. You may want them driving an older vehicle for fear they might damage a brand new one. Alternatively, … [Continue reading]

The Three Different Kinds of Debt and How to Avoid Them

Erase Debt

Being overwhelmed by finances is never good, but we all know the feeling. Creating a budget is a good place to start, but if you don’t know the truth about different kinds of debt it will be hard to know what you’re getting into. Before you get in … [Continue reading]

Improving Your Home’s Value

Home Value improvements

Buying a home is probably the largest purchase you will ever make. Home ownership can be one of the most valuable investments or one of the biggest liabilities you will ever have. So it’s important that you really consider every aspect before buying, … [Continue reading]

Can a Double-wide Save Your Retirement?


Retirement is actually a fairly recent invention. In ancient times people didn't often live long enough to retire and those that did were often unable to  accumulate enough savings to live on and thus simply relied on their children to support them … [Continue reading]

Finishing Your Basement and How to Keep the Cost Down


Unless you have unlimited funds it is always necessary to "count the cost" before beginning a major project like finishing your basement. The key of course is to know where you can and where you can't "cut corners". Whether you do all the … [Continue reading]

Enjoy Retirement Have Enough Money to Stay Independent.

Retirement Finances

"Part of aging is realizing that you cannot change the past, understanding that no one promises you tomorrow, and finally deciding to enjoy the moment."  But in order to enjoy your retirement you need to have planned and saved for it properly. In … [Continue reading]