Affordable Accents: Renovating Your Home on a Dime

Owning your a home allows you the ability to renovate without having to get someone elses permission. Here are some tips to renovate your home without paying an arm and a leg.

Accented Cabinets

The kitchen is one place many homeowners want to renovate, but it can get expensive. Things do not have to get out of hand if you stick to simple renovations, like re-painting the cabinets (and yes even the countertop!). You can give the cabinets a bold color to make your kitchen splash or use the new popular colors of white or espresso. You can add kitchen tools and appliances that echo the color you use to make everything feel tidy.

Accent the Restroom

Another room that many homeowners would love to renovate is the [Continue reading]

Budget Bash: Throw Your Holiday Parties for Less

A holiday party is a fun way to bring people you care about together, whether it’s your friends and family or employees at your business. The problem is that by the time you pay for the space, the food, the drinks and any entertainment, you could be in for an expensive end-of-the-year bill. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to keep your holiday parties within a budget, no matter how many people you’re inviting and how much you can spend. Here are some tips to throw a holiday party on the cheap.

Trim Down Your Menu

The biggest party expense is almost always the food, but it doesn’t need to be. Instead of going with a multi-course menu, try focusing on something more specific. For example, you could serve appetizers and drinks, or you could try a party with just desserts or just “finger food” aka. hors d’oeuvres. There are actually two distinct types of hors d’oeuvres menus i.e. “light
hors d’oeuvres” and “heavy hors d’oeuvres”. A light menu often includes items such as crackers, vegetable platters with dip, fruit, cheese, etc. A heavy hors d’oeuvres menu often includes these as well as items such as meat and cheese trays, chicken fingers, egg rolls, etc. In order to save money on this type of food, check your local grocery store deli for prices on “meat and cheese” trays as well as “vegetable” and “cracker and cheese” platters. Their prices are often very reasonable. Another option is to buy the ingredients and do the cutting and arranging yourself.

Another option is to go to a store like  Costco, Sam’s or BJ’s and check out their frozen food section. They have everything you need for light party fare from Steak & Cheese Chimichangas, to Pork and Vegetable Egg Rolls, Mini Ham & Cheese Biscuits, Crab Rangoon, Breaded Mozzarella Sticks or Pizza Rolls. Of course you will need lots of oven space to heat all this…

If you want something a little more substantial you can get massive amounts of fried chicken or wing-dings at the Walmart Deli. You have to order them in advance but you will get a lot of food for very little cost. While there you can pick up a couple of vegetable trays and voila you have your food table taken care of.

Try a Party on an Off-Date

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How Young Families Can Move Past the Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck Phase

Get past living Paycheck to paycheck

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5 Facts that Demystify Selling a Large Home

Selling Luxury Real Estate

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How Much Do You Know About Life Insurance?

Life Insurance

Insurance isn't exciting or flashy, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to provide for your family in those times when it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under you. Many forms of insurance are required, for instance, most lending … [Continue reading]

On Top of Things: Financing Roof Repairs before the Winter Months

Roof Repairs

If your roof shows signs of damage or wear, now is the time to get if fixed. Once the snow and ice build up on your roof, every thaw means running water that can creep into the tiniest cracks and gaps. The water can also re-freeze and expand, making … [Continue reading]

Not Saving Enough?

Consignment Shopping

Most American families understand that they should be saving more on an intellectual level but somehow they never quite make it there. According to Market Watch "Approximately 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts and 21% … [Continue reading]

Hurricane! How to Get Compensation after Significant Home Damage

Hurricane Insurance

Hopefully, you've survived the recent hurricanes without incident, but with so many people suffering damage from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma you might be wondering how to get compensated if you suffer damage. For instance, suppose you are in the … [Continue reading]