Tips to Boost Your Credit Score

Many people are oblivious to the importance of a good credit score until the need arises… at which point it is too late. The awakening could come when you have to move out of a parent’s basement, or take out a loan for a car or startup. The tricky part about boosting your credit score is it doesn’t come overnight, or even after a few months. You have to plan strategically and build up your finances over time. Boost your credit score incrementally using these three simple tips.

Pay Bills Promptly

Collecting Good Credit Tips to Boost Your ScorePaying your monthly rent, utility, and other bills on time is a simple credit score booster. Even if the bills you owe are nominal, it is essential you pay on time, otherwise in addition to affecting your credit score you will end up paying penalty fees for late payments and possibly see your [Continue reading]

Hidden Write-Offs You Shouldn’t Forget in Your Taxes This Year

For most taxpayers, reducing their annual tax burden is a major financial goal. According to the Internal Revenue Service, millions of Americans claim deductions on their taxes every year. Some examples of popular deductions include real estate taxes, home mortgage interest, charitable gifts, and local taxes. However, many taxpayers overlook a number of tax write-offs that could make a significant impact on their tax burden. Where applicable, consider applying the following tax deductions to your return this year.

Medical and Dental Care

Tax-ID-100313180One of the tax provisions of the Affordable Care Act is that you can deduct all unreimbursed medical and dental expenses after they exceed 10 percent of your adjusted gross income. This includes all expenses related to emergency room hospital visits, prescribed medications, and regular physician care. However, these expenses only apply to items that are not covered by your health insurance.

Social Security Taxes

If you are self-employed, there are several tax credits, write-offs, and deductions you can apply to your tax burden. However, many self-employed people are not aware they can write off [Continue reading]

Top 10 Cities for 1st Time Home Buyers and Retirees

10 Cities

Recently "The Money Source" decided to mine their  database of home loan applications and choose their top 10 cities for first time home buyers. Of course every list like this is somewhat subjective and depends a lot on what criteria they used for … [Continue reading]

How to Get Your Finances in Order Before Moving Internationally

Moving Internationally

Have you ever considered moving internationally?  In recent years many retirees have found that there are many places around the world that provide a peaceful, welcoming environment at a much lower cost than if they stayed at home. If you’re … [Continue reading]

Retirement Funds: Smart Investments for Beginners

Retirement Savings Levels

Most people experience some level of fear when trying something new. And if that new thing has to do with your finances, it can seem daunting and risky. This is often the case when you first begin investing for retirement. How much you should you … [Continue reading]

Budgeting for Wants Not Just Needs

Why It's Just As Important To Budget For Wants As It Is To Budget For Needs

For many people, the idea of being on a budget is about as appealing as being on a strict diet. After-all who wants to cut out everything you enjoy? This not only sounds miserable it leads to unsuccessful budgeting for most people. The science of … [Continue reading]

Tips for Improving Your Retirement

6 Retirement Tips that Can Benefit

Most of us spend the majority of our lives looking forward to retirement. Reaching the age of retirement is a milestone that signals a time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. It is a time when we can finally relax and enjoy life. If you or a loved one … [Continue reading]

5 Things You Are Probably Paying Too Much For… And What You Can Do

5 Things You Are Probably Paying Too Much For And What You Can Do

The key to successful money management is to squeeze the most value out of each dollar you earn.  Even if you currently track your expenses, you can always find new ways to cut costs, save money, and improve your lifestyle. In some cases, without … [Continue reading]