Upgrade Your Windows and Save

Replacement WindowsAs much as 30% of your home’s energy energy loss can be due to older single pane windows. If they are drafty and leaky the loss can be even more. So replacing older windows is a project that can easily pay for itself. If you live in a place that requires both heating and cooling new windows can save you money year round. But replacing windows can offer other benefits as well.

In addition to energy saving new technological advances have made replacing windows more advantageous than ever. Some new windows are treated with special coatings to reflect heat reducing your cooling load, some offer things like tinting or UV protection which protects furniture, walls, fabrics, and flooring from fading due to the sun’s UV rays. Most new windows have tilt in features allowing you to avoid using a ladder to clean them. Simply release a latch and the window opens so you can clean both sides while standing comfortably inside. Some new windows have grilles or blinds inside the glass allowing you to clean them quickly and easily without any interference.

New windows rarely need painting. Unlike older wooden sashes new windows are “clad” with vinyl or other material so they don’t require painting.

New windows can refresh the look of your house and increase your property value. Often you can recoup 70% of the cost of the windows when you sell. Add that to your energy savings and window replacement can be a good investment.

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Avoid the Car Debt Trap

Just because you are in the market for a car doesn’t mean that you have to drain your bank account, or worse yet, go into years of financial servitude… umm… I mean debt. There are many ways to buy the car that you need at a price that you can afford. Let’s look at a few ways that you can still maintain fiscal sanity while purchasing a vehicle.

Avoid the Car Debt Trap

Car Debt TrapThe best solution to upgrading your wheels is to buy what you can afford to pay cash for. As long as your current car is running you should be saving for another one. So, just because you finally paid off your old car doesn’t mean you can rush out and buy a new one. Rich Dad author Robert T. Kiyosaki says  The Wealthy Buy Assets, the Poor Buy Liabilities, and the Middle Class Buy Liabilities Believing They Are Assets. By his definition, if you think a car is an asset you are wrong are are firmly in the middle-class category. The only thing that makes something an asset is if it pays for itself. So if you drive for Uber then yes your car is an asset otherwise it is a liability. And you should never go into debt to buy a liability. Which is why you should pay cash for your car even if you have to buy a $200 clunker to get back and forth to work. Then you should be saving what you would have spent on car payments. Then in 3 years (or less… since you will be earning interest instead of paying it) you can go out a buy a car for cash. And you will will be out of the car debt trap since you can then start saving for your next car.

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