10 Ways to Screw up Your Retirement

By Dennis Miller, Senior Editor, “Miller’s Money Forever”

Retirement PlanningThere are many creative ways to screw up your retirement. Let me show you how it’s done.

1) Supporting adult children–

My wife Jo and I have friends with an unmarried, unemployed daughter who had a child. Our friends adopted their grandchild and are now in their late sixties raising a kid in grade school. The same daughter had a second child, and they adopted that one too. When she announced she was pregnant a third time, they finally said, “Enough! It’s time for a third-party adoption.”

Last time I spoke with them, their unemployed daughter and her boyfriend were living in their basement, neither contributing financially nor lifting a finger around the house. What began as a temporary bandage had become [Continue reading]

Everyone Can Learn at Harvard (Infographic)

The Rising Power of MOOCs: Now, everyone can learn at Harvard (or Yale, or…)

3 years ago, MOOCs were an idea. Now….
5 million: number of students signed on to MOOCs, around the world
33,000: the average number of students that sign up for a MOOC

The Dream: MOOCs Can:
• Offer Ivy League Courses at non-Ivy League prices (free), thus….
• Lifting people out of poverty
• Unlock billions of brains to solve the world’s biggest problems

And yet
1 in 4: Americans don’t even know what a MOOC is.
They are: [Continue reading]

How Have Millennials Done So Far? (Infographic)


What Do You Do When You’re 27? Older millennials were blindsided by the recession, and one of the first generations to take out massive debt for school. They are also one of the tech-savviest generations, and attended post-secondary institutions … [Continue reading]

Milestones of Child Development (Infographic)

Childhood development

Your Little Rocket Scientist Welcome to the rapidly expanding world of your child: 90% of your child’s brain capacity develops before age 5… By age three a child’s brain has formed 3 quadrillion connections. Brain development between 0-3 … [Continue reading]

Invest Locally: Washington State

Invest Locally

Every locality has its own set of "Hometown Heroes"  i.e. companies that are based locally that are well known and provide local jobs and services.  By supporting local businesses, you're supporting your community and increasing jobs for those in … [Continue reading]

The Financial Pitfalls of a DUI


For most American families, financial stability is a very fleeting thing. In fact, according to recent statistics, one-third of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck, which makes us vulnerable to financial emergencies. In many households, a “financial … [Continue reading]

The Hidden Financial Consequences of Divorce

Divorce Expenses

Most people are prepared for the obvious financial consequences of a divorce – for example, paying alimony and child support or splitting the house and cars – but what about the less obvious financial consequences? Preparation is a key to … [Continue reading]

6 Things Retirees Should be Grateful For


By Dennis Miller Over-consumption of mass media can cause emotional whiplash. So, I unplugged from mass media and cleared some head space to consider what my fellow retirees and I have to be grateful for. The annual gift tax exclusion and the … [Continue reading]