Frugal Tips for Large Families

Frugal Big FamilyIt is not easy to save money, especially when providing for a large family. Lots of kids means lots of driving, activities, and doctors’ visits. Fortunately, there are ways that big families can reduce their spending. Below is a list of tips that will help as you get started on a budget.

Buy in Bulk

Shopping in bulk can save a lot especially if you have a large family to feed. Stores like Sam’s, BJ’s or Costco specialize in larger quantities. Rather than selling a single stalk of celery they package them in sets of three. Likewise spaghetti sauce is bundled to include two or three large jars and cereal boxes are [Continue reading]

Pinching Pennies: Five Tips For the Money Savvy Family

The increasing cost of living is making it more difficult for families to save money than ever before. Fortunately, there are many ways families today can live frugally. Here are five tips to cut monthly expenses and live within your means.

Tip 1: Buy it Used

Woman with Packages-ID-100228653The modern advertising machine has trained us to prefer new brand name items. However, if you can resist their brainwashing you can get good quality used items for a fraction of the price. According to Edmunds (the car people) a typical car can lose 9% of its value just driving it off the lot and 19% in the first year. So buying a 1 year old car can save you almost 20% off the new car price or about $5,700 on a $30,000 car. If you wait another year that $30,000 car might only cost you $20,000. And after four years, you can get it for half price. With typical cars lasting 150 -200,000 miles there is still a lot of life left in a 2 or 3 year old car.  See: The Real Toll Car Depreciation Takes On Your Net Worth for more information.

Books, electronics, furniture and clothing are [Continue reading]

Brand Building: Five Ideas to Kick Start Your Small Business

Branding Your Small Business

Editor's Note: One of the best ways to improve your family finances is with your own small business. In addition to the extra income, another major advantage of your own business is the ability to write off expenses. The only requirement to be … [Continue reading]

4 Tips to Avoid a Call from a Collection Agency

Reduce Debt

As darkness falls, the financial fears begin to nag you... one common fear that plagues many is of missed credit card payments and wrecking your credit score. The crunch of mounting debt and the fear of a call from a collection agency is enough to … [Continue reading]

Financial Freedom: What you Need to Know About Your Mortgage


Buying a house is probably one of the biggest decisions you will make, so it's important to understand what you're getting into. Suppose you live in British Columbia and have decided to build a new home. So you have spoken to a custom home builder in … [Continue reading]

What to Do if You Get a “Windfall”


Everyone has dreamed of getting a "windfall" of some sort at one time or another. Perhaps it is an inheritance from a long lost Uncle, winning the Lottery or having the "Prize Patrol" show up on your doorstep. Sometimes the money can come from less … [Continue reading]

Will a Court Case Cost or Save You Money?


Going to court to receive damages for a personal injury lawsuit seems almost American these days. If you have been injured, you expect the guilty party that caused your injury to legally compensate your pain, suffering, or disfigurement in some … [Continue reading]

Paying for a New Vehicle


Once your kids start driving, the idea of getting their own car may become a major issue in your house. And this of course brings up other issues. You may want them driving an older vehicle for fear they might damage a brand new one. Alternatively, … [Continue reading]