Selling Your Car? 4 Insightful Ways To Come Out Ahead

Selling your car can be a heart-wrenching experience. Over the years you’ve spent countless hours together, it was your pride and joy… your old reliable. At first, you babied it and cared for it. You invested not only money but you also invested time in it. But now you will have to part company.  You will watch it drive away with its new owner, perhaps with some regret, but even still, counting the money in your pocket.

The car you cared about for years has become little more than a business transaction, so you want to get the most you can for it. Here are a few tips on how to maximize the selling price and the value of your old car.

Clean It Up

Sell Your CarBelieve it or not, many buyers may care more about how a car looks than how it runs. Your car may be in perfect mechanical condition, but if it is an eyesore to look at, its value immediately drops. Clean it up from one end to the other. Wash, wax, and polish, or even pay to get it detailed. If the car is worth enough money at resale, then it’s worth a few bucks to get it ready for resale.

Unfortunately, car dealerships can’t pay top dollar for used cars. They have overhead and sales expenses and unless your car is in mint condition they will simply wholesale it off without looking back. If they do pay top dollar it is because they are making it up somewhere else. If you are looking to unload it fast go to a dealership and use it as a “trade-in”. But if you want top dollar you have to [Continue reading]

Reigning In Your Healthcare Expenses

Many families struggle to make their budget work from week to week. Your family’s paycheck can get spread really thin when there are a lot of expenses to account for. One common source of hardship for many families is the cost of healthcare. Luckily, there are things you can do to make sure you get your healthcare expenses under control. Below are a few different strategies to consider.

Obtain Medicaid or Medicare

Reigning In Your Healthcare ExpensesYour first thought in regards to saving on healthcare should be whether or not you can obtain health insurance through the government. Federal programs like Medicaid and Medicare can pay for all or nearly all of you and your family member’s health expenses if you are approved for these programs.  Medicaid is specifically designed for [Continue reading]

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