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Make Car Insurance Quotes a Regular Habit

Car Insurance Quotes

When the time comes to either switch your car insurance coverage or get coverage for the first time, insurance companies are tripping over themselves to offer you the “best quote”. When rates change and you could be enjoying significant savings by upgrading or changing your coverage, however, they aren’t as forthcoming. Car insurance companies have to follow certain rules and regulations, but they aren’t required to call you up and say “Hey, you know that policy you have with us? Well, we can now offer you a quote on the same policy for 15 percent less than you’re paying now.” It’s up to you to be proactive and do your homework, which is why it makes sense to adopt the renewal rule when it comes to car insurance quotes.

What is the renewal rule?  Whenever it is getting near the time to renew your policy you should get three car insurance quotes to check competitors rates to see if you are overpaying. Armed with this information you are better able to get the “best rates”. Be sure you have enough time to get the new insurance in place before the old insurance expires. A couple of phone calls or mouse clicks can save you hundreds (thousands?) of dollars.

All Car Insurance Polices Aren’t the Same

Car Insurance Quotes

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Many people assume that all car insurance policies are created equal. It just ain’t so. Car insurance quotes vary widely from one company to another, although some insurers are willing to offer discounts if you mention that you can find a lower rate elsewhere. The advocacy group Consumer Federation of America points out that finding the “best” car insurance quote isn’t always easy. Insurance agents work on commission. Even though there may be a lower rate available, it’s advantageous for them to convince you that a more expensive policy is really a bargain. And just because one company is cheapest for your neighbor doesn’t mean it is cheapest for you. Companies specialize in different types of drivers and have entirely different rate structures.

Determine Your Insurance Needs Ahead of Time

Every state except New Hampshire requires drivers to have liability insurance. Any other coverage is “extra.” To be fair, some of these extras like collision coverage can save you thousands of dollars if you’re in an accident. What you want to avoid is blindly looking for a quote without some idea of what kind of coverage you need.

Consider More Than Just Price

If you’re just looking for the cheapest car insurance quote, you could end up getting less than you bargained for. No reputable car insurance company will offer a flat quote for everybody. Many factors need to be taken into consideration. Some of these include:

-Driving record
-Marital status
-Where you live
-Age and condition of the vehicles to be insured
-Credit score

By getting a quote every time you near renewal, you have a chance to shop around or wrangle with your insurance company to get a better quote. It’s also your chance to update or change your coverage, especially if you got a new car, need to add a driver or vehicle to your policy, or had other changes since your last quote. Even if nothing has changed, it doesn’t hurt to see if you can either get a better quote or find a lower rate somewhere else. Don’t expect your car insurance provider to call you up and offer you a better rate out of the blue. Only California requires insurers to offer “good drivers” the lowest rate. If you do find a better rate, see if your current provider will match it. If not, move on. Make sure you’ve secured a better quote with the coverage you need first though. Your best line of defense when it comes to all things insurance related is information. The more informed you are, the better deals you’re likely to find.

You don’t need to wait until your current policy expires to shop for a new car insurance policy. You can get a quote anytime and once the new policy is in effect you can cancel your old policy and get a prorated refund. Have you checked Car insurance quotes lately? This year? Last Year? Within the last 5 years? If not you can easily check quotes online. Car insurance Quotes are only a click away.

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Suzanne Treat is a guest writer for www.businesscarinsurance.co.uk where you can look into insurance and commercial and business car coverage.

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