Big Costly Decisions: Are You Ready to Take on a Mortgage?

Buying a home is the biggest single purchase most people will make in their entire lives and so it is also an opportunity to make one of the biggest mistakes as people learned beginning in 2008. Up until then the new millenium only included rising home prices and so even a bad deal would come out good if you waited long enough. But then according to RealtyTrac, in 2007 the tide began to turn and over a million foreclosure filings were recorded.

Tips for Surviving Foreclosure

When foreclosure notices start coming in, it’s tempting to shut down and ignore the problem, hoping it will go away. But without facing it head on, the problem won’t be going away. Losing a home that you’ve built over the years is unimaginably difficult, yet many Americans face this reality today. Getting over the initial […]

Rebuild Credit After Foreclosure

Rebuilding Your Credit A foreclosure is often believed to be the one worst thing that could ever happen to your credit score. While there is little doubt that it will damage your credit score considerably, the good news is that YOU CAN Rebuild Your Credit Score . In fact, your credit score can start to rebound in […]

Take Advantage of Longer Foreclosure Times

Foreclosure Time Lengthens- What To Do? According to RealtyTrac® the leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties, foreclosures in April 2011 hit a 40 month low. There were 219,258 U.S. properties in April with default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions. This is a 9 percent decrease from March and a 34 percent decrease from April […]