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Teaching Your Kids about Money

Money management is an important life-long skill to learn. As parents, it’s your job to teach them the skills that will benefit them as they become adults and learn to manage their own households. Although it may seem like a complicated task – I still have trouble understanding concepts like dividends, compound interest, and capital […]

Choosing The Best Bank

By Tim McMahon, editor Finding the right bank is much different than it was twenty years ago. In those days, you went to a bank primarily because it was located in your neighborhood and it was convenient or perhaps because they offered a gift like a toaster for opening an account. Today with the advent of […]

Managing Debt for a Better Tomorrow

By Tim McMahon, editor If you are one of the millions in debt, then you are no stranger to the harassing calls from creditors at all hours and the burdens related to being in debt. Some may say good credit doesn’t matter… but sooner or later a time will come when you will hit a […]