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Online Degree More Affordable Than on Campus

Colleges: Online Degree

These days getting a college education is possible in more than just a traditional campus setting. Many times tuition from one of the online College degree programs is less than or equal to that of the same program on campus at your local Community College or University. On average, you can expect to spend around $20,000 at a public college; whereas, a private institution can range upwards of $80,000 but typical online programs are often much less because the lectures are recorded and each professor can handle more students and the university doesn’t need to have desk space for their online students.

Colleges:Online Degree

In addition, the educational programs are usually almost identical when comparing online programs to their traditional counterparts. However, when you factor in the cost of your room and board for a traditional program, you can save more than $50,000 over a public University and over $100,000 for a private University. If you go to college online, you will never have to worry about the cost of transportation to get back and forth to your classes, and you can fit classes into your schedule allowing you time to do other things or even have a job while attending college.


The financial benefits of attending college classes from the comfort of your own home are obvious, but for some people it is about a lot more than that. Students often wonder if they are receiving the same level of education online that they would on campus. One way to be sure is to check on the certification of the university. See: What to Look for in an Online Degree Program for more information.

Listed below are a few factors to consider when making your decision on how you want to proceed with your continuing education.

  • More than half  of academic advisors believe that an online education is just as valuable as that of a traditional campus setting. Many of them believe that you will actually receive a better education online than if you were to head to a campus classroom.
  • Every year the number of online students rises because an increasing number of students are jumping into the opportunity to learn from home. Currently, there are more than three million students who are earning their college degree online.
  • Since the vast majority of students are older than they were years ago, the benefits for family and work make the choice clear. Being able to reduce the cost of getting an education is of the utmost importance for students in today’s society.
  • Online degrees help to reduce the cost of an education and allow the individual to have time for their family after working a full day at the office.

More and more students in high school are learning about the budget benefits of an online program for continuing their education. Their futures will continue to grow and expand into something far better than they could ever imagine.

There are plenty of online websites to help guide you through the process and get you started on your way to a college degree in a short amount of time. You can complete all of the financial aid forms online to get the whole process underway. The same amount of financial aid is available to you, regardless of whether you attend classes on campus or online, so why not check it out and find out more information?


Editor’s note: Liberty University is one university that I am personally familiar with. It is an Accredited Christian University in Lynchburg Virginia, offering both on campus and on-line degrees. It is currently the largest Christian Online college with over 100,000 registered students of which less than 15,000 are on campus and the remainder are online. My daughter has attended the same class both on-line and on campus and according to her the classes were almost identical.

Liberty resident undergraduate tuition as of this writing is $619 per credit hour while their tuition for their online college degree is $325/credit hour for Full-Time undergraduates and $365/credit hour  for part-time undergraduates. So in addition to saving on room and board costs, a frugal online student wanting to conserve their family finances at Liberty Online could save almost 50% of their tuition costs as well.

See: What to Look for in an Online Degree Program for more information.