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Buyer’s Market: Great Ways to Save Money on Large Home Purchases

One of the least pleasant parts of owning a home is dealing with major purchases. As you slowly pay down your mortgage, your efforts to get out of debt will likely be interrupted by the necessity of making large home purchases. Fortunately, the methods below can help you to save a bit of money.

Check Out Auctions

One easily overlooked way to make huge home purchases is to check out local auctions. When some stores go out of business or when individuals default on storage lockers, the contents are often auctioned off at low prices. Banks will often sell repossessed cars at an Auto Auction. Relatives don’t want the hassle of cleaning out the house will often hire an Auction Company to have an Estate Auction when someone passes away. In many cases, you can pick up major items like cars, furniture, and tools at incredibly low prices. Most counties have their own monthly or weekly auctions, so there’s a good chance you’ll eventually find something you need. While you shouldn’t necessarily bid high to get your goods, you might be able to find a good price on something you need.

Thrift Stores

Another great place to find furniture is at thrift stores. You can often find nice dining room sets, bedroom sets, sofas, coffee tables, desks, dinnerware, glassware, and occasionally even electronics at your local thrift store.

Go to Garage or Yard Sales

To be perfectly fair, garage sales aren’t necessarily known for their big ticket items. There are, however, some exceptions that make them more than worth looking at. Some garage sales might be undertaken simply to reduce the amount of items that the owner has to deal with before moving. And if you live in Australia you may well be able to get a great deal on Cox Mowers or a used “Barbie” for your next Shrimp cookout, simply by being in the right place at the right time. In the U.S. you can often find dishes, tools, furniture, clothing, toys, trinkets and housewares. Check online and in newspapers to see if there are any of the items you want on sale—listed items are usually priced to move.

Craig’s List or Facebook Local Marketplace

Craig’s list is a great way to find the exact item you are looking for without all the scouting around that garage sales require. When you find an article that you might be interested in simply text the owner and make arrangements to see it. There have been some scams associated with Craigs List so you do need to be cautious. Some people prefer Facebook Local Marketplace because there is less anonymity involved and people with bad reputations can get blocked from the group.  When someone shows an interest in an item they can open up a private chat with the owner to discuss details.

Check Out Club Stores

Big discount club stores often carry more major home goods than you might expect. While you may have to pay for a yearly membership to shop at these clubs, the savings on big ticket items usually make the membership more than worth its fee. The good news is that most stores will let you walk around before you decide on getting a membership, so you’ll have a chance to shop around before you commit to a purchase. Some of these stores have everything from A/C units to major home appliances, so your savings can be multiplied when you need multiple items. If there isn’t a club store around, retailers like can still be worth looking into.

Don’t fret if you’re looking for major home items on a budget. If you look at club stores, check out auctions and take some time to peruse garage sales, thrift stores, and local ads, you may find what you’re looking for at a price you can afford. Remember, a resourceful shopper should never have to pay full price.

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