How to Start Your Credit History

Jump Start Your Credit History You know you need a good credit history if you want to apply for a loan or credit card, but if you are just starting out and haven’t developed a credit history this can be hard to do. In some cases, having no credit is almost the same as having bad […]

How to Hurt Your Credit Score

Your credit score is extremely important in the world in which we live. Nowadays it’s hard to buy anything without having a good credit rating. In some cases, it’s impossible to get a job if your credit score isn’t very good. Because it’s central to your life, you may be punishing yourself by unknowingly doing […]

When is Filing Bankruptcy Necessary?

When you have a lot of debt that has become too much to handle, there are several options you have to deal with it. You can cut back on spending considerably to pay off the debt as fast as possible, get a consolidation loan, settle the debt or file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is most often a last resort. […]

Credit Cards That Pay You Cash

Credit Cards Hundreds of credit cards are available to you as a means to borrow money. Each credit card has varying qualification criteria, interest rates, and yearly fees. The average interest rate for a credit card is 16.97%, which is pretty hefty. Additionally, some credit cards charge a yearly fee of $19 to $150. Cash […]

Which Type of Loan is Best?

The subject of loans and credit can be a bit overwhelming if you haven’t spent any time researching and understanding them.  There are endless different types of loans on the market… for example, unsecured loans, secured loans, credit cards, overdrafts, payday loans, personal loans, etc.  So it’s important that you understand your credit situation in […]

Getting Out Of The Debt Trap

The Debt Trap Debt is a four letter word that everybody should be afraid of. Whether it is the result of bad spending habits or unexpected circumstances like medical bills or job loss, debt can prove strenuous for you. Especially, in the current financial climate, it’s not unusual for people to get trapped in the […]

Improve Your Credit Score Through Smart Borrowing

Your Credit Score There is more to your credit score than steady payments. Lenders look at things like how many accounts you have, how much credit you are using and how much you have available. Managing the credit score can be tricky, but it is possible with smart borrowing. Maxed-Out Cards are a Red Flag […]

Free Yourself From Debt

In Debt? With the recent economy in the condition that it is, loans and debts are multiplying by the day. These days people will get into debt to buy almost anything. Buying a car or a home? You can get a loan. People even get loans for appliances, furniture and big screen TV’s. People think, these loans replace having ready-cash. But more […]