Going from Zero to 720 Credit Score in One Year

your credit score can have a big impact on many different areas of your life. If you have little or no credit history merchants don’t know if they can trust you or not so they charge you big deposits for everything including getting a cell phone, renting a car, renting an apartment or getting the electricity turned on. These deposits can be several thousand dollars! But if you had a good credit rating they would waive these deposits altogether.

If your credit score is not the best at the moment, you could be thinking about taking steps to improve it, but might not know the best ways to do so. Below are some of the things you should think about when it comes to your credit score.

Free Yourself From Debt

In Debt? With the recent economy in the condition that it is, loans and debts are multiplying by the day. These days people will get into debt to buy almost anything. Buying a car or a home? You can get a loan. People even get loans for appliances, furniture and big screen TV’s. People think, these loans replace having ready-cash. But more […]

4 Easy Ways to Build Your Credit During College

If you’re in college or have recently entered the working world, you know first-hand that your credit score has suddenly become more important than you ever thought it would be. Go to buy a phone, and they will run your credit. Try to rent a nice apartment, and you better have zero flaws on your […]

Credit Card Ground Rules for Young Adults

Credit cards can be a useful tool in helping build a credit rating. You can help the young adult in your family to learn good money management skills and avoid racking up debt with their credit card by setting appropriate and responsible limits on the credit card. Here are a few helpful ground rules that […]