Money – How to Get It and Keep It

If you want serious money, you have to get serious about money. You need to understand these fundamentals and never forget them. Don’t let all the garbage reported in the financial media you read, see, or hear confuse you about what money really is. Don’t consume more than you make: save! Don’t spend: invest!

Why We Lied to Our Kids about Their Inheritance

History tells us that people squander money they inherit or haven’t worked for. And if they don’t squander it, their children surely will.
This is a serious problem for seriously wealthy people. But I believe it’s a problem for middle-class people, as well. Giving money to your children can make them wasteful, dependent, weaken their ambition, strip away their independence and might even make them greedy. So what can you do to help your children learn to succeed on their own and manage money well?

How to Download Net Worth Spreadsheet

It is extremely helpful for individuals to know how much their total net worth is and how much you can expect it to grow (or shrink) based on your current income and expenses.

What the Rich Know about Wealth

Ask a wealthy person how much he is worth and typically he will have a much better idea of his net worth than the average middle class person. Why is that? Especially since it is much more difficult for a wealthy person to track… The average middle class person is so focused on their income and expenses that they forget the big picture.